Beam Line Monitoring Products from PHOTONIS

Image intensifier

Image Intensifiers - PHOTONIS is a global leader in the manufacture of image intensifiers.  Image intensifiers are highly sensitive imaging light amplifiers that provide gains of over 1 million.  Physics researchers will appreciate the wide range of photocathode options which provide sub-nano second imaging.  Other user selectable options include choice of phosphor coating, spectral response and output window type.  Image Intensifier Brochure

Streak tubes

Streak Tubes - PHOTONIS manufactures Streak Tubes that are unparalleled for their performance and reliability.  Streak Tubes offer spatial resolution up to 50 lp/mm, temporal resolutions in the sub-pS range in streak mode, and exposure times of  >10 nS in framing mode.  A wide variety of cathodes can be ordered with PHOTONIS Streak Tubes, including S1.

Our streak tubes have expanded the capabilities of the machine park in DMLS and SLS.  Streak Tube Brochure


Electron Generator Arrays - PHOTONIS’ patented ELECTROGEN™ Electron Generator Arrays (EGAs) consist of millions of precision glass tubes fused together to produce a uniform and mechanically rigid structure. Electron Generator Arrays provide a cold electron source with a uniform, dense electron flux.   EGAs can be used as the electron source in electron impact ionization source applications. This technology has the advantage of performing as a cold ionization source, which eliminates pyrolytic effects that occur when the heat generated by the filament chemically changes the unknown substances to be identified. 
EGA Datasheet  
EGA Presentation

Resistive Glass

Resistive Glass Products - Resistive Glass is a patented process that uses lead silicate to create a resistive layer at the surface to create uniform electric fields to guide or direct charged particle flow.  The surface acts as a semiconductor as the resistive properties create uniform electric fields. Tubes made of Resistive Glass prevent ion collisions between other ions as well as the tube walls, reducing ion loss and boosting sample transfer efficiency. Resistive Glass products can also be used as reflectron lenses, ion guides, or drift tubes.  Resistive Glass Brochure

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