Photonis provides a variety of photon amplification products whether you are looking for an analog or digital solution. These products are designed to amplify low-light and provide crisp, clear images which can be used in a variety of applications from medical research to commercial surveillance. Each of the products below can be customized to fit your requirements. 



NEW: Cricket Lens Coupler Adaptor: The latest photon innovation from Photonis will turn any scientific camera into an intensified camera. The Cricket lens coupling attachment features an 18mm image intensifier, a fiber optic anode window, and a power supply. Customization options include your choice of photocathode, MCP configuration, phosphor screen, and shutter speed in order to optimize performance.

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NOCTURNTM Camera: This rugged, low-light camera line from Photonis provides high resolution images while maximizing power consumption. Each of the NOCTURNTM cameras are optimized for size, weight, and power requirements to be used in any lighting situation from bright daylight to low starlight. NOCTURNTM cameras offer less than 4 e- read-out noise without cooling and 1280x1080 resolution with a frame rate up to 100Hz.



Digital CMOS Sensors: Photonis designed our Lynx and Kameleon digital CMOS sensors to provide high resolution images across a broad spectrum in either full colour or monochrome. This award-winning technology has a pixel architecture that offers the best signal-to-noise ratio, high dynamic range and low read-out noise. Both the Lynx and Kameleon sensors provide crisp, clear images at full SXGA resolution (1280x1020) in low light down to 4mlx while still supporting a fast frame rate of 100fps.

Download the data sheets: Lynx Monochrome or Kameleon Colour

Ion beam profiler: By combining the power of a large Microchannel Plate (up to 120mm) in a complete assembly with a NOCTURNTM camera attached, the ion beam profiler provides high resolution images for a variety of instruments. The Ion Beam Profiler reduces ion loss and will capture images of any charged particle at a rate of up to 100fps.


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Image Intensifier Tubes: Photonis’ Image Intensifier Tubes are highly sensitive detectors, providing gains of over 1 million. Like all of our other detectors, you can order our image intensifiers with your exact requirements in mind – including your choice of photocathode, phosphor screen, gating, and active area.


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RF Frequency Generation

Photonis designs and manufactures tetrodes, triodes, and cavities which are used in shaped-pulse and pulse width controlled systems throughout the world. We provide a variety of custom RF amplifiers to ensure your research is as accurate and reliable as possible. 


Power Tubes: Photonis provides a wide range of power tubes for use in particle accelerators.  Our Large Power Triode power tubes offer a full range of RF amplification for pulsed service, up to 400Mhz and 5MW.  Our quality manufacturing ensures precision for physics research experiments.


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Cavities:  Photonis provides the specialized circuitry for power tubes, generally known as “cavities”, which are complete RF circuits that are necessary to tune and operate a power tube. Recommended as an accessory, these cavities are matched to the power tube at the time of purchase.


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