For over 40 years, Photonis has been working with instrument manufacturers to design the most sensitive detectors available in the market today. Our complete line of ion detectors and multipliers includes Channeltron® electron multipliers, LongLifeTM MCPs, resistive glass products, and TOF detectors.

Channeltron® Electron Multipliers

1As the original manufacturer of Channeltron® electron multipliers, Photonis is able to provide you with the exact detector needed to maximize your instrument’s performance. Channeltrons® offer the highest dynamic range to ensure a linear response beyond the limits of most analytical instruments. The small, durable design makes these detectors ideal for nuclear physics labs and space applications.

Also available from Photonis is the SpiraltronTM and Magnum® models which are designed to enhance overall performance. The SpiraltronTM maximizes output through its six channel design and allows operation at elevated pressures, making them perfectly suited for applications like portable mass spectrometry. Our Magnum® detectors have the same six channel design and are available in analog or pulse counting mode for extended dynamic range.

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LongLifeTM Microchannel Plates

Photonis specializes in providing customized MCPs which meet your exact specifications, allowing you to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and coatings. Our LongLifeTM MCPs offer longer life, reduce background noise 100X, and higher spatial resolution than any other MCPs commercially available in the market. Photonis also offers a TruFliteTM MCP which are designed to reduce time jitter through its ultra-flat ± 5µm flatness for reduced time jitter in TOF applications.

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Resistive Glass Products

Our patented Resistive Glass formula is manufactured into capillary inlet tubes, monolithic reflectron lenses, or drift tubes which efficiently guide charged particles through a semi-conductive layer. Our simplified design prevents ion collisions, therefore increasing ion collection and transfer efficiency. Notably, our Resistive Glass products are easily cleaned with common solvents without degrading performance. See how this technology works: How a Reflectron Lens works

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Advanced Performance Detectors

4Photonis manufactures these plug-and-play detector assemblies for a variety of applications including physics research, mass spectrometry, and SEM and FIB applications. Each APD features one or more of our LongLifeTM MCPs and have a variety of other customization options including center hole, choice of flange mount, phosphor screen, and anode. Our experienced team will work with you to design the APD which is specifically suited to fit your requirements.

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