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Information for universities and other research institutions

What is Physics Connect?

This online guide is the most comprehensive directory of suppliers to the scientific market-place and is the who’s who of the scientific sector. For research institutions, Physics Connect enables interaction between academia and industry through the listing of skills, expertise and equipment available within universities and other institutions.


The benefits

For universities, the benefits of participating in Physics Connect include:

  • Finding users for existing outward-facing facilities
  • Setting up new collaborations
  • New revenue streams 
  • Increasing impact, an important measure in the new REF framework.

Some of these facilities may already have an external presence, but there are probably other facilities which would be of immense value to industry, but which have not been promoted in this way before, such as microscopes, spectrometers and the like. We hope that institutions will work with us to identify such resources within their own institutions, to bring their benefits to the wider physics community.

For industry, these institutional listings have the benefit of offering easy access to academic collaborators and facilities, as well as a fresh approach to accessing required resources.


What information can institutions include?

Each institution listing contains a profile of the institution (typically at department level) and some “article” listings for facilities, equipment and expertise, which could for example include:

  • Facilities that are made available to external users right now
  • Facilities that could be made available to external users
  • Consultancy that is available to external users and/or collaboration is sought
  • Research areas where collaboration is sought


Getting started

To create your institutional listing, simply fill in some basic details here. An account will be created for you, giving access to the self-service facility to add your own information.

Alternatively, if you have similar information in a different form – such as departmental webpages or a spreadsheet of facilities – then get in touch and we will discuss how we can help you reuse that material in Physics Connect with minimal extra work.

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