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Due to their special properties piezoceramic components and piezoelectric actuators provide important advantages:

  • compact dimensions and high flexibility in designs
  • high dynamics for fast processes
  • no friction, no maintenance, no wear
  • cost-efficient, piezoceramic actuators are manufactured in large-scale production
  • piezo drives are self-locking: no energy consumption at rest

The PI Group offers:

Piezo components

Piezo actuators

Preloaded piezo stack actuators

Lever amplified actuators

Drive solutions for medical engineering


The use of high-precision positioning systems with nanometer and sub-nanometer accuracy allows resolution of very fine structures in production and inspection. This allows production of more and more powerful integrated electronic components and investigation of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in life sciences.

PI offers

  • piezo scanning stages for 1 to 3 axes, e. g.
    • P-630 High-dynamics nanopositioning system with large clear aperture
    • P-763 Compact XY nanopositioning system with clear aperture
  • piezo Z scanners and objective scanners incl. controller and software, e. g.
  • S-334 Miniature piezo tip/tilt-mirror with up to 100 mrad deflection

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