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For over 20 years, piezosystem jena develops and manufactures custom-made piezo micro- and nanopositioning solutions for the photonics, optics and bio-tech industries among others. With our unique piezo technology, our XY and 3D motion piezo actuators can reach resolutions in the sub-nanometer range.

What’s new

  • PZ 250 CAP WL High Precise Wafer

    Products | 4 Jul 2014

    The piezosystem jena GmbH now offers a positioning system for the inspection of larger wafers with a diameter up to 12” using precise hold and repeat positioning with the same precise precision.

  • MIPOS piezo lens focussing z-axis translator for interferometry

    Products | 10 Jun 2013

    The new MIPOS 16-158 is specifically designed for high precision positioning of optical systems with an accuracy in the sub-nanometer range. The MIPOS offer new possibilities for optical setups.