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Complete XRF Experimenter’s Kit

Amptek Inc. 19 Nov 2014

Amptek’s Experimenter’s XRF Kit is a package designed to help a user quickly begin doing elemental analysis via X-ray fluorescence (XRF). It includes hardware and software supplied by Amptek. Once this kit is assembled and the software configured and calibrated, one can begin doing simple analyses.

Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulative One Part Epoxy for Die Attach Applications

Master Bond Inc. 5 Nov 2014

Formulated for die attach applications, Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2DA is a fast curing, high performance one component epoxy system. It cures in 5-10 minutes at 150°C and has unlimited working life at room temperature.

pco. presents another brand new sCMOS model with deep cooling

pco. presents another brand new sCMOS model with deep cooling weblink

PCO Group 31 Oct 2014

The PCO group, pioneer in sCMOS image sensor technology, expands their scientific CMOS family pco.edge by an another model. The brand new member with deep cooling is called pco.edge gold 4.2 and convinces with outstanding features.

Epoxy Gel Compound for Sealing and Encapsulation video

Master Bond Inc. 29 Oct 2014

Master Bond’s latest epoxy innovation, Super Gel 9, is a urethane modified epoxy gel featuring outstanding, unique properties. It is often used as a sealant and encapsulant for very challenging applications. Watch our video now to learn more.

HORIBA LabSpec 6 MultiWell for Raman

HORIBA releases LabSpec 6 MultiWell for Raman

HORIBA Jobin Yvon 24 Oct 2014

4kW High Voltage DC power supplies from Glassman feature low ripple and noise

Glassman Europe Limited 20 Oct 2014

200 kV to 500 kV CE Compliant; Parallelable up to 20 kW.

New Grand ARM Transmission Electron Microscope Offers Highest Commercially-Available Atomic Resolution of 63 Picometers

JEOL USA, Inc. 17 Oct 2014

Just introduced in the USA at M&M 2014 (Hartford, CT), the new JEOL JEM-ARM300F Transmission Electron Microscope exceeds atomic resolution boundaries for any commercially-available TEM today. The 300kV microscope, nicknamed the “Grand ARM,”  increases STEM resolution to 63 picometers.

Michelson Diagnostics launches new improved version of VivoSight OCT scanner with Micro-Camera to aid skin cancer diagnosis

Michelson Diagnostics Ltd 9 Oct 2014

Michelson Diagnostics, the UK based medical device company focused on multi-beam Optical Coherence Tomography (‘OCT’) technology, announces the launch of a new improved version of its innovative VivoSight OCT scanner at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Annual Meeting, 8-12 October, Amsterdam.

B&W Tek Announces New Enhancements to NanoRam Handheld Raman Spectrometer

B&W Tek Inc. 8 Oct 2014

B&W Tek, Inc., an advanced instrumentation company that delivers lab quality Raman spectroscopy solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms, is pleased to announce new enhancements to its NanoRam® handheld Raman spectrometer.

Master Bond Supreme 12AOHT LO

One Part Epoxy Resists up to 500°F and Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specifications weblink

Master Bond Inc. 7 Oct 2014

Master Bond Supreme 12AOHT-LO is a one component epoxy for a variety of bonding and sealing applications in the aerospace, electronic, electro-optic and OEM industries.

Improved Dilution Refrigerator for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Janis Research Company, LLC 7 Oct 2014

Janis has successfully developed another top-loading mK STM dilution refrigerator (DR) for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Korea with superior design and performance over the NIST system.

New High Speed EMCCD Cameras Provide Exceptional Low Light Imaging Performance

New, High-Speed EMCCD Cameras Provide Exceptional Low-Light Imaging Performance weblink

Princeton Instruments 6 Oct 2014

Trenton, New Jersey Princeton Instruments is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the ProEM®-HS line of high-speed EMCCD cameras with patented eXcelon®3 technology (X3) for low-light imaging and spectroscopy applications.

CIRS Introduces Improved Prostate Training Phantom

CIRS Inc. 6 Oct 2014

Addition of new, “realistic” features better simulate patient scanning.

CCC Stability at 18K

RHK Technology, Inc. announces the release of PanScan-Freedom LT weblink

RHK Technology 25 Sep 2014

The PanScan-Freedom LT is an innovative new closed-cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temperature performance, unprecedented low drift, exceptional spectroscopy performance, and atomic resolution in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package.

Vital Images, Inc. to Showcase Universal Viewer at Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology (AOCR) Conference - VitreaView® to Provide a Single Source for Viewing Imaging Data from Multiple Sources -

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. 25 Sep 2014

Vital Images, Inc., a Toshiba Medical Systems Group Company, will feature VitreaViewR, a universal viewer that provides uniform access to patient imaging at AOCR in Kobe, Japan, September 24-28.

CIRS Releases Phantom for MRI Distortion in SRS

CIRS Inc. 25 Sep 2014

Model 603A enables assessment of image distortion in treatment planning systems.

Personalized Care from Disease Detection through Treatment Assessment: GE Healthcare Announces FDA Clearance of Discovery IQ

GE Healthcare 24 Sep 2014

GE Healthcare today announced U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance of its Discovery* IQ PET/CT system, enabling both outstanding image quality and intelligent quantitation to help physicians deliver the best possible patient outcomes.

FDA Clears Siemens’ SOMATOM Scope CT System

Siemens Healthcare 23 Sep 2014

New 16-slice system designed for clinical routineAvailable in two power configurations to better meet clinical, workflow requirements

Mindray Releases New Generation DC-70 Ultrasound System

Mindray 22 Sep 2014

Quality exams at your fingertips.

Thermally Conductive, Two Component Epoxy Passes USP Class VI Tests and ISO 10993-5 Specifications

Master Bond Inc. 22 Sep 2014

With biocompatibility and cytotoxicity certifications, Master Bond EP21AOLV-2Med is often selected for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications in the medical device industry. This two component epoxy system withstands a variety of sterilization methods, including EtO, radiation and many cold sterilants.

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