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Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings for the Aerospace Industry

Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings for the Aerospace Industry weblink

Master Bond Inc. 18 Aug 2014

From prototype to assembly line, our materials have aided in the success of many companies across the aerospace industry. This 28 page catalog features a variety of products that are widely used for structural bonding, sealing and gap filling.

PHOTONIS Introduces NOCTURN Color Low-Light Camera

PHOTONIS USA 13 Aug 2014

USB3 Functionality with Day/Night Imaging

OSL adds Anatom-e System to product range

Oncology Systems Limited (OSL) 12 Aug 2014

New to Oncology Systems Limited is the Anatom-e System. Created to be the pen to the Doctors’ sword, Anatom-e can provide for a level of patient care heretofore unavailable anywhere in the world.

QAC24.com - Quality Assurance Centre video

Pro-Project 12 Aug 2014

The future of quality control at your fingertips.

310CD High Speed Rotating Optical Chopper

Scitec Instruments Ltd 11 Aug 2014

The Model 310CD is a high speed optical chopper based on our standard 102 mm diameter discs. By spinning the discs many times faster than our standard system, chopping speeds up to 110 kHz can be achieved.

340CD Large Rotating Disc Optical Chopper

Scitec Instruments Ltd 11 Aug 2014

The Model 340CD is an optical chopper based on 200 mm diameter discs. The larger disc size allows larger diameter beams to be chopped. Please note that it does not allow smaller diameter beams to be chopped at a faster rate.

Crystran Ltd Technology investment PE Frontier FTIR and PE Lambda 750 UV/VIS/NIR instruments

Technology investment weblink

Crystran Ltd 8 Aug 2014

Crystran have updated our two Spectrophotometers, replacing the old models. Our long association with Perkin Elmer meant two new Perkin-Elmer instruments as an obvious choice.

Optical Flats

Crystran Ltd 8 Aug 2014

Optical flats are a relatively new addition to our product range and are manufactured in our facility on the south coast of England. Each flat is figured by our skilled opticians and fully certificated with a serial number on the edge

FuG Elektronik GmbH Power supplies for superconducting coils

Power supplies for superconducting coils weblink

FuG Elektronik GmbH 6 Aug 2014

The operation of a superconducting coil brings special demands on the power supply equipment used for this purpose. The Rosenheim company FuG offers such units with output currents up to 10kA and more recently for power up to 500kW.

From Mechanical Engineering to Particle Accelerators: Hexapods and Their Fields of Application download weblink

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 30 Jul 2014

Today, many automation technology sectors require highly precise positioning systems. For multi-axis solutions, parallel-kinematic systems often are the perfect choice. Hexapods are a good example for this, where the travel ranges go from only a few to several hundred millimeters.

Now available from Allectra, Pressure Burst Disks, ultra low versions

Pressure Burst Disks, ultra low versions, available from Allectra download weblink

Allectra Ltd. 30 Jul 2014

Now available from Allectra, Pressure Burst Disks, ultra low versions, which have a bursting pressure of 345-483 MBARG @ 25°C.

Piezo Linear Drives for Laser Technology: Automatic Mirror Positioning in Vacuum and in Inaccessible Place download

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 25 Jul 2014

Lasers are versatile tools with a wide range of applications.

Boston Scientific Launches POLARIS™ Imaging System

Boston Scientific 24 Jul 2014

Easy to Use Imaging System to Support Planned Intravascular Ultrasound and Fractional Flow Reserve Products.

IBA to Present Proteus®ONE and Award-Winning Ambient Experience at AAPM 2014

IBA sa. 24 Jul 2014

IBA announces that it will present its Proteus®ONE* and unique Ambient Experience designed with Philips at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) from July 20-24, 2014 in Austin, Texas, USA.

Chell Instruments Ltd

A portable, convenient Vacuum Gauge Calibration System weblink

Chell Instruments Ltd 23 Jul 2014

CalCube Vacuum Gauge Calibration system with ISO/dis vacuum chamber provides all the resource needed to calibrate vacuum gauges to ISO3567.

FLIR Announces High Resolution Thermal Camera Kit

FLIR Announces High Resolution Thermal Camera Kit weblink

FLIR Systems 23 Jul 2014

FLIR Systems announces the FLIR A65sc - a new high resolution addition to their range of high performance thermal camera kits for R&D applications. The FLIR A65sc produces crisp thermal images of 640 x 512 pixels allowing you to analyse experiments in the finest detail.

RayStation 4.5

RaySearch Laboratories 23 Jul 2014

The latest version of RayStation, 4.5, includes a number of new features.

Toptica CTL

100 nm of mode-hop free tuning! weblink

TOPTICA Photonics AG 21 Jul 2014

TOPTICA introduces a new family of continuously tunable diode lasers.

NEW CIRS Catalog Now Available!

CIRS Inc. 16 Jul 2014

Full line product catalog.

Park Systems NX Wafer Atomic Force Microscope

Park NX-Wafer for Wafer-Fab Manufacturing Fully Automates Semiconductor Industry’s Bare Wafer Automated Defect Review Process, Increases Throughput by 1,000 Percent weblink

Park Systems 15 Jul 2014

Park Systems, announces Park NX-Wafer, a revolutionary AFM design for bare wafer manufacturing that fully automates the automatic defect review process and increases production throughput by an astounding 1,000%.

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