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SFP Fiber Optic Transceivers

Huihong Technologies Limited 7 Oct 2015

SFP Fiber Optic Transceivers interfaces a network device motherboard (for a switch, router or similar device) to a networking cable.

BCN high power Microwave / RF signal generator model 845-H

Berkeley Neucleonics Develops New Class of High-Power Portable Benchtop Microwave / RF Signal Source

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation 2 Oct 2015

Berkeley Nucleonics, commercially releases a high performance, robust, and extremely cost effective high power Microwave / RF signal generator.


Oxford Instruments’ TritonTM Cryofree dilution refrigerator selected by Oxford University for developing scalable quantum nanodevices

Oxford Instruments NanoScience 1 Oct 2015

Oxford Instruments is pleased to announce that its Triton Cryofree®dilution refrigerator has been chosen to support the development of quantum electronic technologies at the University of Oxford.


Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Announces the Cypher ES Polymer Edition, an Atomic Force Microscope Optimized for Polymer Research

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research, Inc. 30 Sep 2015

Due to the growing demands of polymer researchers who require fast, high resolution, and quantitative nanomechanical measurements, Oxford Instruments Asylum Research announces the Cypher™ ES Polymer Edition atomic force microscope (AFM).


High Temperature Resistant, One Part Fluorosilicone Offers Superior Chemical Resistance

Master Bond Inc. 30 Sep 2015

With enhanced chemical resistance Master Bond MasterSil 930 is an acetoxy type fluorosilicone for bonding, sealing and coating applications in aerospace, electronics, specialty OEM and other industries. This one part system is able to withstand exposure to water, fuels, oils, greases, refrigerants, acids, bases and solvents better than standard silicones.


New Adjustable 10,000 Volt Power Supply

McPherson 30 Sep 2015

We are pleased to announce that the McPherson high-voltage power supply series now features a 10,000 Volt configuration. The 10-kilovolt model joins the already popular one, two and 5-kilovolt versions. We use these power supplies for many purposes in the laboratory.


Quantum Composers Introduces New Mid-Infrared Lasers with Advances in Energy Stability

Quantum Composers Inc. 29 Sep 2015

Quantum Composers, a manufacturer of diode pumped solid state lasers and laser technology, has unveiled a mid-infrared laser featuring the new SOPO (Stable Optical Parametric Oscillator) technology.


Allectra create a 'Cryo' feedthrough for Ultracold Atoms Lab, Quantum Technology Hub – University of Nottingham

Allectra Ltd. 29 Sep 2015

Allectra recently supplied a ‘Cryo’ feedthrough assembly to the Ultracold Atoms Lab, Quantum Technology Hub at the University of Nottingham.

Melles Griot Helium Neon Lasers

Get more for less online with Melles Griot HeNe Lasers

Melles Griot 25 Sep 2015

Melles Griot Helium Neon Lasers are now temporarily marked down with competitive pricing and lead times and to provide what your system requires.


Silverthin™ Releases New Slewing Rings & Pinions Catalogue

Carter Manufacturing Limited 23 Sep 2015

Silverthin™ Bearing Group, manufacturer of precision thin section bearings, have finally released it’s much anticipated slewing rings and pinions catalogue

Acton logo

New Product Announcement: UV-Enhanced Silver Mirror Coatings

Princeton Instruments 23 Sep 2015

Acton Optics & Coatings is pleased to introduce two new broadband coatings that provide UV reflectivity while maintaining high reflectance up to the mid-IR wavelength range.

Kepco logo bk

New Generation of Ethernet-Controlled BOP Bipolar Power Supplies

Kepco, Inc 21 Sep 2015

Kepco is pleased to introduce our new line of Ethernet-controlled 100W, 200W and 400W BOP linear bipolar power supplies


High-Voltage 40 Watt Amplifier Series

TREK, INC. 18 Sep 2015

Trek’s 2200 Series delivers high performance with attractive pricing and is ideally suited for many R&D applications.

iseg NHS 6 channel NIM standard power supply

NHS - Multichannel NIM Power Supply video weblink

iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH 15 Sep 2015

The iseg NHS Power supply series is known for providing best high voltages with low ripple and noise at very high precision. Learn more about the intuitive front panel control with coloured TFT display in this short introduction video (link at bottom).


Exceptional Stiffness and Thermal Stability with Zaber’s New Stage weblink

Zaber Technologies 15 Sep 2015

Zaber’s new linear stage (X-LRM-E) is ideal for multi-axis configurations or applications where stability under cantilever loads is required. The hardened steel construction and integrated recirculating ball bearing guide provides stiffness and thermal stability. 


New: The low cost OWIS® translation stages VT 30: best quality for reliable operation

OWIS GmbH 14 Sep 2015

The new OWIS® translation stages VT 30 are especially suitable for simple but precise tasks, for example, for exact adjustment and positioning of small parts and samples.


The only 532nm high power pump laser with direct power modulation for CEP stabilisation

Laser Quantum Ltd 9 Sep 2015

Laser Quantum’s finesse pure CEP is the first and only 532nm high power pump laser on the market that provides direct modulation input to its output power.

Lake shore logo 160x60

Terahertz probing, characterization to be featured at EuMW by Lake Shore

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 9 Sep 2015

Company to share preliminary test results for cryogenic on-wafer probe arm prototype

Flir mcc hot spot failing connection

FLIR Systems Releases Groundbreaking High Definition Handheld Thermal Camera

FLIR Systems 9 Sep 2015

FLIR T1K Offers the Highest Quality Performance for Thermography Experts

Owis go mogo

OWIS® goniometers GO and MOGO – with new design and in new sizes

OWIS GmbH 8 Sep 2015

From the fourth quarter of 2015, the new OWIS® goniometers are obtainable. The innovations relate to the series 65L and 150. These are available as manual version with the series GO and as motorized version with the series MOGO.

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