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372 ac bridge

New Lake Shore Model 372 firmware for enhanced low temperature measurements

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 22 May 2015

More frequencies, sensor calibration curve interpolation added to AC resistance bridge/controller


New RadCalc version 6.3 demonstrations at the AAPM 2015 convention in Anaheim, CA.

LifeLine Software, Inc. (RadCalc) 22 May 2015

We are pleased to announce that our release of RadCalc version 6.3 is imminent.

Ever sharp

Increased Resolution with new EverSharp feature

Armstrong Optical Ltd 22 May 2015

VarioCAM® High Definition – A Multi-talented system to meet the toughest demands

Quantum composer

Quantum Composers Introduces New Mid-Infrared Lasers with Advances in Energy Stability

Quantum Composers Inc. 22 May 2015

Bozeman, Montana, May, 2015- Quantum Composers, a manufacturer of diode pumped solid state lasers and laser technology, has unveiled a mid-infrared laser featuring the new SOPO (Stable Optical Parametric Oscillator) technology.

Fliratspr109 image

Thermal Imaging Resolution Enhancement Technology

FLIR Systems 21 May 2015

FLIR Systems has introduced UltraMax technology for its range of Tsc-series handheld research and science cameras. With the new UltraMax feature, researchers will be able to further improve the resolution of native thermal images for even greater clarity and a higher level of temperature measurement accuracy.


Custom solutions from Nanosurf download

Nanosurf AG 19 May 2015

Systems tailored to your needs

E2v uniiqa monture c 300x255

The UNiiQA+ from Alrad Instruments Ltd download

Alrad Instruments Ltd 18 May 2015

e2v’s UNiiQA family of line scan cameras have been specifically designed to bring affordable, flexible and simple high speed solutions to your current inspection or sorting system.

150512 nx hivac

Park Systems Introduces Park NX-Hivac, a High Vacuum SSRM AFM System for Optimal Results in Semiconductor Manufacturing Failure Analysis

Park Systems 15 May 2015

Our commitment to superior products that enhance the customer’s performance led to the development of NX-Hivac, which was designed in collaboration with a major semiconductor IC producer. —Keibock Lee, Park Systems President

150512 nx10 front

Park Systems Awarded the New Economy Magazine “Best Analytic Instrumentation Company 2014”

Park Systems 15 May 2015

“SmartScan fully automatizes AFM imaging making it very easy for anyone to take an image of a sample at nanoscale resolution and clarity comparable to one taken by an expert,” comments Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO and founder of Park Systems.

pco.dimax CS - car safety testing with one powerful multi-use tool video

PCO Group 13 May 2015

The pco.dimax CS camera is specially designed for all applications centered around car safety testing involving onboard, offboard and sled testing.


Maximum Precision in 3D Printing

Nanoscribe GmbH 8 May 2015

New complete solution makes additive manufacturing standard for microfabrication

Pwmay15cover 500

Physics World May 2015

IOP Publishing 7 May 2015

Digital issue now live

Bbo pockels cell large leysop

BBO Pockels Cells for High Power Applications

Leysop Ltd. 28 Apr 2015

The electro-optic modulator (EOM)

Lake shore MCEscreenshot

New Lake Shore Software Simplifies Material Measurements for Magnetocaloric Effect

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 28 Apr 2015

Software uses VSM generated data to perform magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity calculations

Fug klystron hvc beamline

High performance klystron power supply for new generation linear accelerator

FuG Elektronik GmbH 27 Apr 2015

In particle accelerators often the high frequent electromagnetic field generated by special kinds of electron tubes like klystrons or IOT is used to increase the energy of a particle beam

Toptica femto fiber laser

Powerful femtosecond pulses at 1030 nm!

TOPTICA Photonics AG 27 Apr 2015

TOPTICA expands their portfolio of ultrafast fiber-basedlaser systems.

High Voltage module for Mass Spectrometers

High Voltage Module with reversible polarity - HCP 50-20000 MOD

FuG Elektronik GmbH 24 Apr 2015

A compact high voltage module has been designed by FuG Elektronik GmbH.

Alrad mv blue fox3 2

Two Exciting New Cameras

Alrad Instruments Ltd 23 Apr 2015

 We introduce two exciting new cameras from Matrix Vision with CMOS sensors

Microporous copper foam goodfellow

Microporous Copper Foam as Powerful Heat Sink

Goodfellow Cambridge Limited 22 Apr 2015

Huntingdon, UK … 21st April 2015 … Goodfellow offers a new copper foam with pore sizes between 300 and 600 µm and a relative density of around 37%, providing a much higher surface area than traditional copper foams.


Product News: The venteon OPCPA, a global first!

Laser Quantum Ltd 20 Apr 2015

Laser Quantum are proud to introduce the venteon OPCPA femtosecond amplifier system,the first complete commercial OPCPA system worldwide!

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