PVD Products provides services in SEM, thin film deposition, deposition system design, deposition software design, and system upgrades and maintenance.

PVD keeps several custom deposition systems at hand for coating test runs, materials trials, or short-term coating runs. If you have immediate demands for deposition services, we are often able to accommodate. We may have a deposition system that could serve your short-term needs while your custom deposition system is in production. PVD is able to offer deposition services only if your needs fit within the confines of our existing tools. We have an in-house PLD/MBE 2300 system with both PLD and magnetron sputtering capability for 2-inch diameter wafers. Substrate heating to 950ºC is readily available. We also have an in-house sputtering tool capable of handling wafers up to 6 inches in diameter.

Upgrades or retrofitting is available to expand system capabilities. This includes:

  • Sputtering, magnetron, or e-beam source
  • IM source or evaporation source
  • Load lock
  • Custom fixtures
  • Diffusion cells
  • Substrate heater
  • Optical trains or optical components
  • Ion beam

For troubleshooting or maintain a vacuum chamber, PVD Products also provides regular maintenance and maintenance programs for systems that are running for hours every day.

For extensive development contracts, your service costs may even result in a credit toward the cost of your custom deposition system.

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