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Dose Tracking

By combining dose calculation capabilities (for any modality) and deformable registration, it becomes possible to accumulate dose over changing anatomy within a single system, i.e. without imports or exports to other systems. This includes computing dose on CBCT.


  • Dose calculations based on CBCT


Adaptive re-Planning

rayAdaptive provides tools for adaptive re-planning and opens up for the most recent technology in the history of external radiation treatment. Based on the results from rayTracker, the clinicians can steer a derailed treatment back on track by re-optimizing and adapting the plan to the patient’s current anatomical structures, taking accumulated dose into account. Plans can be re-optimized and adjusted to compensate for dose coverage problems or to adapt to adjusted clinical goals.


  • Adaptive re-planning workspace
  • Fraction schedule (shows delivered and re-planned fractions)
  • Toolbar including relevant parts of plan creation, plan optimization and plan approve
  • Create adapted plan from Plan Creation module (based on planned fractions)


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