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Expert news and commentary across the field of environmental science.

environmentalresearchweb is the must-read information source for professionals working in any area of environmental science. A free-to-read community website with over 10,000 members, it features the latest news, expert analysis and commentary on all areas of environmental research, policy and sustainable technology.

environmentalresearchweb provides daily updates on the latest environmental science and brings together the people, the research and the discoveries behind the breakthroughs. Visitors enjoy free access to a mix of news, blog, press release and Talking Point channels that track the latest developments across key areas of global environmental change and renewable energy. Coverage includes: biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles, climate, energy, environmental health, environmental risk assessment, food, pollution, natural resources, policy and law, water resources, and wind energy.

The environmentalresearchweb community extends to more than 138 countries worldwide and is the perfect venue for scientists to highlight their work and link to results in leading journals. Other features available on the website include an interactive events calendar, buyers guide, audio and video content, and a jobs listing service.

What’s new

  • Pwfeb16cover

    Physics World February 2016

    News | 1 Feb 2016

    Bodily functions: The new science of network physiology

  • Stretch the new flex for programmable rubber keyboard

    News | 25 Nov 2015

    Scientists at the University of Auckland have developed a soft, flexible, stretchable keyboard using a type of rubber known as a dielectric elastomer.

  • Exploring the physics of a chocolate fountain

    News | 25 Nov 2015

    A mathematics student has worked out the secrets of how chocolate behaves in a chocolate fountain, answering the age-old question of why the falling 'curtain' of chocolate surprisingly pulls inwards rather than going straight downwards.

  • 3-D printed ‘building blocks’ of life

    News | 4 Nov 2015

    Scientists have developed a 3-D printing method capable of producing highly uniform ‘blocks’ of embryonic stem cells.

  • In this month’s Physics World: Extremes…

    News | 30 Oct 2015

    Physicists, in fact all of us, love extremes. We’re captivated by the search for the longest, highest, quickest, smallest or brightest. There’s something intrinsically appealing about pushing boundaries to break records and establish new limits for what’s physically possible.

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