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Physics World special issue: Quantum frontiers

Peering into an ever weirder world

Physics World special issue: Quantum frontiers 2014

Download this special issue of Physics World, which is devoted to some of the most interesting cutting-edge work at the frontiers of quantum physics.

The cover was specially commissioned by Physics Worldin the style of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, and shows Alice and Bob (the names given by convention to those sending and receiving quantum signals) peering into an ever-weirder quantum world. The illustration echoes a similar image that graced the cover of the last special issue on quantum physics exactly 15 years ago this month. That one was also commissioned by Physics World and was voted in 2008 by Physics World readers as one of our favourite covers of all time.

  • Read about the fascinating new paradigm of “weak measurement”.
  • Find out how quantum physics is being applied to biology.
  • See how cold atoms can be used to simulate the quantum world.
  • Learn how entanglement can be used for secure satellite communication.
  • Explore the impact of quantum physics on popular culture.

Find out more by downloading your free PDF copy of the March 2013 special issue of Physics World on quantum physics.

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