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Physics World Special report: Republic of Korea

Towards the forefront of global physics

Physics World Special report: Republic of Korea 2014

No longer in the shadow of it’s neighbouring powerhouses in Asia – China and Japan – the Republic of Korea is quickly becoming a hotbed of top-quality research. In this Physics Worldspecial report, we delve into the some of the areas of physics – including synchrotron science, graphene and fusion enregy – where Korea is leading the way.

But all for the good news, there are still challenges facing the country. Some lament the fact that Korea is good at chasing the latest hot topic, but is less capable of producing leaders in a field. There is also continuing lack of women in physics. Yes basic research is set to get a massive boost over the next couple of years with the establishment of the Institute for Basic Science – a hugely promising $5bn programme to set up some 50 research institutes in the country.

It looks as if Korea is finally set to shake off its follow-my-leader mentality and become one itself.

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