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Master Bond Inc.

Case study: Is there a system that can be used for a potting application in an optical device assembly? weblink

Master Bond Inc. 1 May 2013

A customer that manufactures mini display systems is looking for an optically clear, flexible compound. It is also very important that the product has a low viscosity, as it will be used for potting in a new product they are developing.

Effect of Fillers on Epoxy Properties

Master Bond Inc. 25 Mar 2014

Exotic fillers play an essential role in the formulation of adhesive, sealant and coating compounds. They enhance a variety of important properties including machinability, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, thermal stability and abrasion resistance.

Direct observation of the self-assembly of surfactant micelles

ESRF 3 Jun 2013

Surface active agents or surfactants are ubiquitous in consumer products as important ingredients performing as detergents, solubilisers, emulsifiers, etc. Their self-assembly into micelles occurs on very short time scales of typically some milliseconds and therefore the underlying structural evolution is very hard to observe experimentally.

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