Witec paper award 2015 gold

Researchers honored with the 2015 WITec Paper Award for their outstanding scientific publications

WITec GmbH 26 Mar 2015

The winners of this year’s WITec Paper Awards have been announced. Research groups from Poland, Switzerland and Singapore won the Paper Awards in gold, silver and bronze, respectively.

Morphing wings help drones manage collisions

IOP Publishing 26 Mar 2015

Researchers in the US have taken inspiration from nature to create a robotic wing that can recover from mid-air collisions.

Pfeiffer vacuum company building asslar

Pfeiffer Vacuum celebrates 125 years

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH 19 Mar 2015

Pfeiffer Vacuum has shaped the vacuum industry for 125 years New products introduced at ComVac Vacuum technology indispensable in many areas of life.


JPK reports on the use of optical tweezers in the Schieber Research Group at Illinois Institute of Technology

JPK Instruments AG 18 Mar 2015

Berlin, 18th March 2015: JPK Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, reports on the use of their NanoTracker™ optical tweezers system to study collagen fibrils at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

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High and Low Vacuum Compatible Devices for Positioning Applications

Zaber Technologies 12 Mar 2015

Zaber’s line of vacuum compatible products includes motorized linear actuators, linear stages, and mirror mounts with built-in controllers.

Print ready manufacturing

Due to increased demand The Kurt J. Lesker Company® today announced the expansion for specialty manufacturing at its European Headquarters

Kurt J. Lesker Company Ltd 12 Mar 2015

Currently the UK operation has seen the production of Electrical Feedthroughs, Liquid Feedthroughs, and custom components.

Workshop confirmed at UCL on the 1st - 3rd June

British Vacuum Council 11 Mar 2015

The IOP Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group are organising a three day workshop titled ‘Theory meets experiment: molecular nanoscience and applications’.

Fractal patterns may uncover new line of attack on cancer

IOP Publishing 11 Mar 2015

Studying the intricate fractal patterns on the surface of cells could give researchers a new insight into the physical nature of cancer, and provide new ways of preventing the disease from developing.

2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit (April 7-8 2015, San Francisco, USA)

Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd. 6 Mar 2015

Asahi Spectra will exhibit the monochromatic illuminator system at Booth#617.

NeoDry - New Durable Dry pumps - 3 years maintenance free

Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. 5 Mar 2015

A new air-cooled and durable NeoDry series Dry Pumps are added to the product range of Japan Vacuum Instruments. The NeoDry pumps provides promising longer life time with no internal contact part and come with 2 years warranty for clean vacuum environment.

Tough Gauge - Protection from contaminants by heating

Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. 5 Mar 2015

Revolutionally tough vacuum gauges were added to product range of Japan Vacuum Instruments. Tough Gauge© has a unique feature to heatup the cathode in Cold Cathode gauge and the grid and the collector in the B-A gauge to avoid degradation of its life time in gases and accuracy of measurement.


In the Product Spotlight..

Master Bond Inc. 5 Mar 2015

Mc pherson tunable uv filter

McPherson monochromator can help early detection of chemical, biological, or explosive weapons

McPherson 5 Mar 2015

Standoff Raman spectroscopy is an optical sensing technique. Among other things, it can be used to detect and identify chemical, biological and explosive activity.

Scientists map “unprecedented” urbanization in East-Southeast Asia

IOP Publishing 4 Mar 2015

Researchers have, for the first time, mapped the rapid urban expansion that has occurred across the whole of East-Southeast Asia in the last decade.

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Zaber’s Low-cost T-LA Linear Actuators Offer Built-in Controllers and Daisy-chaining

Zaber Technologies 3 Mar 2015

Zaber’s T-LA Series of devices are computer controlled linear actuators that offer up to 4 mm/s speed, up to 15 N thrust, and up to 60 mm of travel. 

In this month’s edition of Physics World…

IOP Publishing 3 Mar 2015

Throwing light on a mysterious human “superpower”

flir thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging for Science / R&D

FLIR Systems 3 Mar 2015

FLIR Systems have published a new handbook, available as an interactive pdf or iBook for iPad, that allows you to discover thermal imaging applications advances that researchers are making around the world.

pw march cover

Physics World March 2015

IOP Publishing 2 Mar 2015

Light in our lives: Colourful tales in the International Year of Light

Two Component Flame Retardant Epoxy Developed for Aerospace Industry

Master Bond Inc. 2 Mar 2015

Developed primarily for specialty aviation applications, Master Bond EP90FR-V is a two part epoxy system that passes the vertical burn test portion of the FAR standard 14 CFR 25.853(a) for flame retardancy.

MKS introduces the I-Series family of high flow Mass Flow Controllers

MKS introduces the I-Series family of high flow Mass Flow Controllers Precise control and accuracy for flow rates to 1000 slm

MKS Instruments Inc. 2 Mar 2015

Precise control and accuracy for flow rates to 1000 slm

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