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White Paper: Actuator Precision Characterization

Zaber Technologies 18 Feb 2015

To achieve the best precision from your positioning devices, it is important to understand basic positioning mechanisms and their limitations. 

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New White Paper: Achieving Better Adhesion with Proper Surface Preparation weblink

Master Bond Inc. 21 Jan 2015

Achieving good adhesion not only depends on selecting the right adhesive, but also on implementing the best surface preparation techniques.


New White Paper: Understanding Low Outgassing Adhesives

Master Bond Inc. 8 Dec 2014

Engineers often want to know whether an adhesive is low outgassing or generic…

Silicones Meet the Needs of the Electronics Industry

New White Paper: Silicones Meet the Needs of the Electronics Industry weblink

Master Bond Inc. 15 Oct 2014

Silicones offer the ability to maintain their physical properties across a wide range of temperature conditions along with unmatched flexibility.

Laser Quantum Ltd

Torus SLM laser shows excellent spectral purity download

Laser Quantum Ltd 3 Oct 2014

The spectral purity of the torus 532 laser is shown to be 110 dB when measured with a Tandem Fabry-Perot interferometer, resulting in high resolution Brillouin scattering measurements in bulk materials.

Laser Quantum Ltd

Shaping of light beams along curves in three dimensions download

Laser Quantum Ltd 3 Oct 2014

Researchers at the University Complutense Madrid (UCM) have recently presented a method for generating laser beams whose intensity and phase are prescribed along arbitrary 3 dimensional curves.

Epoxies and Glass Transition Temperature

New White Paper: Epoxies and Glass Transition Temperature weblink

Master Bond Inc. 17 Sep 2014

Gain a better understanding about glass transition temperature (Tg) and why it is one of many factors to consider for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications.

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

First-order-reversal-curve measurements of nano-magnetic materials weblink

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 11 Sep 2014

The magnetic characterization of nanoscale materials is usually made by measuring a hysteresis loop. It is not possible to obtain interaction or coercivity distribution information from the hysteresis loop alone, however.

Master Bond One Component Epoxies Versatility and Convenience

New White Paper: One Component Epoxies: Versatility and Convenience weblink

Master Bond Inc. 23 Jul 2014

In this white paper, we explore how a one part system is constructed, how it can and should be used, and how it can be modified to achieve a variety of performance properties. Also learn how technological advances have resulted in innovative, unique systems.

Elekta, Inc.

Esteya electronic brachytherapy weblink

Elekta, Inc. 2 Apr 2014

Esteya electronic brachytherapy is a form of high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy that brings an electronic brachytherapy source in close proximity to the cancerous site. Its direct delivery enables Esteya to focus more therapeutic radiation on the disease target and to minimize radiation to surrounding tissues and organs.

Integrated Engineering Software

Beam Spot Size as a Function of Excitation Levels of Magnetic Quadrupoles weblink

Integrated Engineering Software 24 Feb 2014

This white paper will present an overview of the focusing properties of magnetic quadrupoles and show how beam spot size can be determined using arc segment emitters.

RaySearch Laboratories

Scripting in RayStation download

RaySearch Laboratories AB 20 Jan 2014

Through scripting, the clinic specific procedures can be implemented and automated. Scripting in RayStation provides automation, connectivity and flexibility beyond what is possible in the ordinary graphical user interface.

Figure 1 The CEP offset of a frequency comb

CEO/CEP stabilisation of Ti:sapphire femtosecond lasers without AOM weblink

Laser Quantum Ltd 5 Nov 2013

The carrier-envelope offset frequency and phase of a Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser can be stabilized by directly feeding back to the output power of a 532 nm finesse pure 10 Watt pump laser with CEP feature.

Figure 2 Basic THz generation principle of the Tera-SED emitters

TERA-Sed Emitters download

Laser Quantum Ltd 5 Nov 2013

The Laser Quantum Tera-SED is a device emitting intense terahertz (THz) radiation after excitation with a femtosecond (fs) laser pulse. It converts the light from the optical regime into the THz regime with a conversion efficiency of up to 2 x 10-3.

Figure 1 Energy level scheme of the NV centre

Superresolution microscopy reaches 14 nm download

Laser Quantum Ltd 5 Nov 2013

The past decade has seen a growing interest in nitrogen vacancy colour centres (NV-centres) in diamond as prominent candidates for solid state quantum bits, single photon sources and even ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors.

Figure 1 A comparison of two femtosecond pulses with the corresponding electric field oscillations

Shortest CEP stabilised Ti:Sapphire pulse download

Laser Quantum Ltd 5 Nov 2013

Abstract: A dual-output, self-synchronised, CEP-stabilised Ti:sapphire oscillator is presented, with a pulse duration of 4.4fs and a CEP phase noise of < 100 mrad using a Finesse 6 Pure pump laser.

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