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RHK Technology is the leading supplier of Flexible, High Performance SPM products designed specifically for researchers

RHK Technology

RHK: Tools for Nanotech Research

RHK designs and manufactures a full line of world-class Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscopes (UHV SPM) instruments and Control Systems to continually advance surface science and nanotechnology R&D. Our UHV SPM instruments and Controllers are carefully engineered to provide atomic-scale imaging, interaction, and analysis, and to perform atomic manipulation and nanofabrication. RHK products are installed at top University and National Research Laboratories around the world. New R&D ideas and products flow from customers pushing the limits of equipment, and from RHK’s Technical Advisory Board of top scientists world-wide.

RHK optimizes its systems to meet the specific and demanding requirements of nanotechnology researchers seeking fundamental discoveries that can lead to solutions for daily life. Our unique combination of hardware, electronics, software, in-house expertise, ongoing service, and over two decades of experience assures that customers receive the outstanding products and deep, continual support crucial to achieving their research objectives.

Scanning Probe Microscopes

At RHK, innovative design and clever engineering are mated with uniquely versatile electronics and software. Our powerful UHV SPM platforms provide crucial capabilities for a wide variety of applications. They are crafted to operate in environments from UHV to air, in high Tesla magnetic fields, and at temperatures from milli-Kelvin tip and sample to >1,500 K at the sample.

Preparation & Analysis Equipment

To complement all of RHK’s advanced UHV AFM/STM SPM systems, preparation and analysis equipment can be added and integrated to create complete and versatile surface science platforms.

RHK SPMs are thoughtfully designed from the beginning for easy modular upgrades over time as funding permits and research evolves. Adding RHK prep-analysis chambers and instruments brings powerful new research capabilities to SPM systems and greatly increases overall functionality.

SPM Control Systems

RHK has a long and proud history of accomplishment in SPM Control. With over 1,000 controllers installed around the world, RHK has brought a continual series of advanced capabilities to the nanotechnology field for decades. From the early days of STM, to contact AFM, then NC-AFM, through the transition to digital electronics, and on to new paradigms for graphical interface ease of use and total hardware integration, RHK control platforms consistently bring powerful new functionality to researchers worldwide.

What’s new

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    Outstanding performance of PanScan Freedom-LT SPM

    Products | 1 Dec 2014

    RHK Technology, Inc.  is proud to highlight the outstanding performance of our PanScan Freedom-LT SPM at the AVS 61st International Symposium & Exhibition 2014.

  • CCC Stability at 18K

    RHK Technology, Inc. announces the release of PanScan-Freedom LT

    Products | 25 Sep 2014

    The PanScan-Freedom LT is an innovative new closed-cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temperature performance, unprecedented low drift, exceptional spectroscopy performance, and atomic resolution in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package.

  • RHK Technology SPM Controller R9 AFM STM PLL Nanotechnology

    RHK Webinar on SPM Controllers - Unleash your AFM/STM with RHK’s new R9

    Webinars | 12 May 2014

    Optimal SPM Controllers empower AFM/STM to produce the most meaningful science and results, and unite deep capability and simple operation. This is RHK’s new R9 Controller. Fully integrated single-box solution, ultra-fast/low noise, graphical interface for customized procedures, internal LIAs, and more. Enjoy an in-depth view of R9 advantages.

  • RHK Technology

    RHK Ships 100th R9 Control System

    Products | 8 Apr 2014

    RHK Technology, Inc. announced shipment of its 100th R9 Control System for Scanning Probe Microscopes. The latest in RHK’s long history of advances, R9 breaks new ground with its revolutionary design: a totally integrated AFM/STM single-box solution.

  • RHK Technology

    Helium-Free SPM 15 - 400 K

    Products | 6 Dec 2013

    Closed-Cycle CryostatAtomic Resolution

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