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Scitec Instruments Ltd are specialist manufacturers of optical choppers and lock-in amplifiers and distributors of a wide range of photonic products to the world’s cutting edge research market from more than 30 years.

Suppliers of a wide range of products including: lasers and accessories, laser power and energy meters , laser safety eyewear, IR sources and sensors, UV measuring instruments and components, blue light detection and fibre optics products. If you can not find what are you looking for please contact us and we will try to help.

UK and EU customers may place orders by credit card via this website. Just look for the Online Ordering links or Buy Now buttons.

What’s new

  • OT-4040 Portable Laser Alignment System

    Products | 15 May 2018

    Laser Alignment Home

  • mdl xs

    Scitec Instruments at Photonex 17. Stand C10

    Products | 13 Sep 2017

    The new MDL-XS series CW diode lasers from CNI Laser are being exhibited on the Scitec Instruments’ stand.

  • 340CD Large Rotating Disc Optical Chopper

    340CD Large Rotating Disc Optical Chopper

    Products | 11 Aug 2014

    The Model 340CD is an optical chopper based on 200 mm diameter discs. The larger disc size allows larger diameter beams to be chopped. Please note that it does not allow smaller diameter beams to be chopped at a faster rate.

  • 310CD High Speed Rotating Optical Chopper

    310CD High Speed Rotating Optical Chopper

    Products | 11 Aug 2014

    The Model 310CD is a high speed optical chopper based on our standard 102 mm diameter discs. By spinning the discs many times faster than our standard system, chopping speeds up to 110 kHz can be achieved.

  • Lockin Amplifiers

    Products | 28 Mar 2014

    Lockin amplifiers are instruments designed to recover signals that are buried in noise. They require a reference signal at the same frequency as the signal that is being measured and then use this to demodulate the input signal before filtering.

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