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  • In September’s Physics World: The secret life of scientific ideas…

    IOP Publishing

    News | 1 September 2015

    Many of the most memorable stories in the history of science revolve around the conscious realization of an idea – the "Eureka!" moment. But what triggers these moments? Is...

  • Rare earth metal foils

    Wide Range of Rare Earth Metal Foils Available from Goodfellow

    Goodfellow Cambridge Limited

    Products | 26 August 2015

    A wide range of rare earth metal foils is available from Goodfellow, a leading supplier of high-purity metals and materials for research and industry. The foils represent 14 of the 15...

  • Chocolate physics: how modelling could improve ‘mouthfeel’

    IOP Publishing

    News | 26 August 2015

    Lecithin is an ingredient that you’ve probably never heard of, but one that plays a vital role in the production of chocolate and many other foods. It’s never been clear how this...

  • 450x252

    Lake Shore to Spotlight THz Materials Characterization System at IRMMW-THz weblink

    Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

    News | 26 August 2015

    Model 8501 system among company’s high-frequency measurement solutions to be discussed. Columbus, OH (August 20, 2015) – Lake Shore Cryotronics, a leading innovator in...

  • Mpi

    X-ray MicroCT and MPI products from Bruker BioSpin

    Bruker Biospin

    Products | 25 August 2015

    Product Specifications SkyScan 1176 In-vivo micro-CT With world’s highest spatial resolution The SKYSCAN 1176 is a high performance in vivo micro-CT scanner for preclinical research. The large...

  • Bartington

    HCS1 Three-Axis Helmholtz Coil System

    Bartington Instruments Limited

    Products | 25 August 2015

    System consisting of three pairs of coils, a drive amplifier, and a control unit. Coils generate a magnetic field up to 500μT for a DC field and up to 100μT for a 5kHz field. This sThis system generates a...

  • Pw vac 15cover 500

    Focus on: Vacuum technology

    IOP Publishing

    News | 24 August 2015

    Welcome to this special focus issue of Physics World , which is devoted to vacuum science and technology. It kicks off with the latest pumping technology being developed for a future fusion power plant and then takes an...

  • Fliratspr115 image

    Non-Contact Chemical Leak Inspection

    FLIR Systems

    Products | 24 August 2015

    FLIR Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are preventative maintenance solutions designed to spot leaks in compressors, piping, flanges and connections in chemical plants. Based upon FLIR’s proprietary thermal...

  • Polymer

    Specialist Polymer Films Available From Goodfellow

    Goodfellow Cambridge Limited

    Products | 24 August 2015

    Goodfellow, a leading supplier of polymers, metals and other materials for research and industry, offers a wide selection of polymer films, including specialist products suitable for demanding...

  • Jpk4

    JPK reports on the use of a NanoWizard® AFM-SECM system at the Université Paris Diderot looking at nanoscale biostructures.

    JPK Instruments AG

    News | 24 August 2015

    JPK Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft...

  • Pump

    Edwards’ Showcases a Wide Portfolio of Vacuum Technology at Touch

    Edwards Vacuum

    News | 20 August 2015

    Edwards is displaying a wide portfolio of both intelligent dry vacuum pumping systems and cost effective oil sealed pumps for the coating applications and touch panel market at...

  • Sims

    Hiden Compact SIMS/SNMS Surface Analyser

    Hiden Analytical Limited

    Products | 19 August 2015

    The Hiden Compact SIMS/SNMS tool features full ultrahigh vacuum compatibility to address the requirement for fast, elemental surface characterisation of layer structures, contaminants and impurities. Typical...

  • Fliratspr114 image b

    Superlattice LWIR Camera for High Speed Research

    FLIR Systems

    News | 19 August 2015

    The new FLIR A6750sc SLS thermal imaging camera offers the high speed, high resolution, ease of use and flexibility in configuration for optimally detecting high-speed thermal events and fast-moving...

  • Solar

    European Funding brings ZephIR 300 wind lidar to Malta

    ZephIR Lidar

    News | 19 August 2015

    The University of Malta has successfully brought wind lidar technology to the country, with funding from an EU Project. The industry’s single most validated wind lidar, ZephIR 300, will be...

  • Camera

    New Product Release: NIRvana: 640LN

    Princeton Instruments

    Products | 18 August 2015

    New LN2-Cooled InGaAs Camera Provides Unprecedented NIR/SWIR Performance! Princeton Instruments is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the NIRvana:640LN, the highest performance scientific-grade...

  • A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton

    IOP Publishing

    News | 18 August 2015

    Scientists working at Korea University, Korea, and TU Berlin, Germany have developed a brain-computer control interface for a lower limb exoskeleton by decoding specific signals from within...

  • Bartington

    Shielding and Degaussing Equipment

    Bartington Instruments Limited

    Products | 17 August 2015

    A range of test equipment to prevent unwanted magnetic interference. Bartington’s Magnetic Shields divert the Earth’s magnetic flux, attenuating a typical magnetic field of ~50,000nT to a level of ~1nT. They...

  • Power

    Reach high power levels with TOPTICA’s next generation femtosecond fiber lasers!

    TOPTICA Photonics AG

    Products | 17 August 2015

    The FemtoFiber ultra NIR is a cost-effective, turnkey laser system that provides femtosecond laser pulses of more than 500 mW average power and an excellent beam...

  • Gh

    ISLA (Intergrated Disruptive Components for 2µm Fibre Laser) Project Concludes

    Gooch & Housego

    Products | 17 August 2015

    G&H was project co-ordinator with project partners II-VI Laser Enterprises, JDSU, ROFIN, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Southampton, and Vivid Components. The...

  • Alfa logo

    New Lab Start-Up Program now available in Europe

    Alfa Aesar

    News | 14 August 2015

    A Johnson Matthey Company, has extended its New Lab Start-Up Program to include Europe. The New Lab Start-Up Program is available throughout 2015. It is designed to make Alfa Aesar products available...

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