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  • infographic thumbnail ep112ls

    Heat Curing, Two Part System EP112LS weblink

    Master Bond Inc.

    News | 21 September 2018

    Non-Yellowing EPOXY with exceptional optical clarity EP112LS is optically clear, features reliable non-yellowing properties and has a refractive index of 1.55. This two part epoxy is formulated for impregnation,...

  • how to video thumbnail efdsyringe

    How Do You weblink

    Master Bond Inc.

    News | 14 September 2018

    Use An EFD Syringe with A Manual Plunger Although one part epoxies eliminate the need for mixing and measuring, EFD syringes can make the application process even simpler. Typically EFD syringes are used with automatic dispensing...

  • fliratspr195 image a

    FLIR Systems Introduce Hyperspectral Imaging weblink

    FLIR Systems

    News | 14 September 2018

    FLIR Systems has teamed up with imaging specialists - Bodkin Design & Engineering LLC (BD&E) to provide a hyperspectral imaging solution that allows you to collect any waveband of spectral and spatial...

  • pwsep18cover

    Physics World September 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 12 September 2018

    On Top of The World; How science helps us conquer Everest In this issue: Features: Out in the open: Speaking up about workplace harassment~ Energy innovator: Martin Ryle: from s atr gazer to wind pioneer That fuzzy...

  • Guide to Radiological Detector Selection

    New Guidebook to Radiological Detector Selection weblink

    FLIR Systems

    News | 7 September 2018

    FLIR Systems has published a new guidebook, which provides helpful tips for people involved with radiological detection, identification and monitoring who are looking for expert advice to help them...

  • Virtural live straming at NanoScientific Symposium on SPM 2018

    NanoScientific Symposium on SPM at SUNY Polytechnic Announces Registration for Live Stream of Event Sept. 19, 2018 weblink

    Park Systems

    News | 6 September 2018

    Now available on live stream, the NanoScientific Symposium on SPM at SUNY Polytechnic will be held on Sept. 19, 2018. Register today...

  • 300 x 230 opus

    An even lower M2 value – opus 1064 weblink

    Laser Quantum Ltd

    News | 30 August 2018

    The M 2 value of a DPSS continuous wave laser has always been important in applications including optical trapping and Raman spectroscopy. In optical trapping, an M 2 value close to unity enables a high degree of...

  • 155with rd100finalistlogo 8 28

    MeasureReady™ 155 current and voltage source named R&D 100 Awards finalist weblink

    Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

    News | 29 August 2018

    Awards recognize the 100 top technology products of 2018; winners to be announced Nov. 16. Columbus, OH (Aug. 28. 2018) – Lake Shore Cryotronics is pleased to announce...

  • fliratspr194 image b

    Non-Destructive Testing of Advanced Materials weblink

    FLIR Systems

    News | 28 August 2018

      The FLIR A6750sc SLS thermal imaging camera range from FLIR Systems comes standard with Lock-In, Transient, and Pulse capabilities enabling you to undertake meticulous Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or...

  • 1

    GenesisCare Spain equips 16 radiation therapy clinics with IQM Systems


    News | 28 August 2018

    GenesisCare Spain has invested in the latest Quality Assurance technology to ensure that the treatment dose is delivered exactly as prescribed, in real-time, during every...

  • image

    Diverse training options at Pfeiffer Vacuum weblink

    Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

    News | 28 August 2018

    15 young people start vocational training or dual studies in Asslar in 2018 Information technology and digitalization gain importance Stays abroad for junior staff Asslar, Germany, August 27, 2018. At the...

  • case study uv15

    Case Study

    Master Bond Inc.

    News | 24 August 2018

    How UV15 was utilized in electro-optical waveguides With its outstanding light transmission properties and optical clarity, Master Bond UV15 is widely used for a variety of bonding, coating and sealing applications in the optical,...

  • thyracont logo 65x72

    Outstanding Overpressure Stability: 16 bar for Pirani and Cold Cathode Gauges weblink

    Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH

    News | 22 August 2018

    Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH, the specialist for intelligent vacuum measurement, further completes its portfolio with a customer friendly innovation. The Pirani and...

  • thyracont logo 65x72

    Easily replaced: Compatibility of Thyracont gauges to competitor products weblink

    Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH

    News | 22 August 2018

    Vacuum transducers of diverse manufacturers can now be replaced without great efforts with Thyracont solutions which are compatible to those of various competitors. Therefore,...

  • thyracont logo 65x72

    Protection of vacuum sensors in critical applications weblink

    Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH

    News | 22 August 2018

    Especially in harsh industrial environments vacuum metrology often has to cope with contaminationsuch as oil and solvents making vacuum measurements a tough task. Such contamination can impair...

  • OWIShop Icon

    OWIShop: The New OWIS®-Web-Shop is Online weblink

    OWIS GmbH

    News | 20 August 2018

    Create a product wishlist or request an offer at any time through our new online webshop. TheOWIS ® web shop has been online at https://pos.owis.eu since the beginning of November 2017. Due to the...

  • acs logo small

    Exhibition: ACS Fall Meeting (Boston, USA) – Asahi Spectra weblink

    Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd.

    News | 17 August 2018

    August 19 - 21 2018, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Booth No. 1113 Asahi Spectra will exhibit our products at the 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in...

  • fliratspr193 image

    Making Electronics Design Faster & Easier weblink

    FLIR Systems

    News | 17 August 2018

    FLIR Systems has published a customer testimonial video* from Highland Technology Inc. FLIR Systems has published a customer testimonial video* from Highland Technology Inc. (San Francisco, CA) in which...

  • optspr192 image

    Challenging Aspheric Lenses for Nuclear Research

    Knight Optical (USA)

    News | 17 August 2018

    Optical Surfaces Ltd announces that it has received an order from the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) for twelve ultra-fast focusing 370mm diameter aspheric lenses for its Orion petawatt laser...

  • Photovoltaic material measurement products focus of Lake Shore SPIE exhibit weblink

    Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

    News | 16 August 2018

    Company showcasing cryogenic probe station and current source solutions for material characterization Columbus, OH (Aug. 15, 2018) – Lake Shore Cryotronics, a leading...

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