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  • pwsep18cover

    Physics World September 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 12 September 2018

    On Top of The World; How science helps us conquer Everest In this issue: Features: Out in the open: Speaking up about workplace harassment~ Energy innovator: Martin Ryle: from s atr gazer to wind pioneer That fuzzy...

  • Guide to Radiological Detector Selection

    New Guidebook to Radiological Detector Selection weblink

    FLIR Systems

    News | 7 September 2018

    FLIR Systems has published a new guidebook, which provides helpful tips for people involved with radiological detection, identification and monitoring who are looking for expert advice to help them...

  • OWIShop Icon

    OWIShop: The New OWIS®-Web-Shop is Online weblink

    OWIS GmbH

    News | 20 August 2018

    Create a product wishlist or request an offer at any time through our new online webshop. TheOWIS ® web shop has been online at https://pos.owis.eu since the beginning of November 2017. Due to the...

  • kop

    Interactive Infographic weblink

    Master Bond Inc.

    Products | 17 August 2018

    Adhesives for Electronic Applications This interactive graphic gives an overview of the unique systems Master Bond has to offer for essential electronic applications including die attach, glob-top, potting, encapsulation and...

  • chlorophyll photosystem i ii 768x432

    Temperature-Dependent Quantum Yield of Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Plant Leaves weblink

    Edinburgh Instruments Ltd

    News | 16 August 2018

    Chlorophyll fluorescence of plants has long been used to understand their photochemistry and as an indicator of their photosynthetic efficiency. The fluorescence...

  • perovskite plqy temperature 768x512

    Temperature-Dependent Absolute Photoluminescence Quantum Yield (PLQY) Measurements of a Halide Perovskite weblink

    Edinburgh Instruments Ltd

    News | 16 August 2018

    Halide perovskites are a promising class of materials for a wide variety of optoelectronic applications such as photovoltaics, light emitting...

  • oleds

    TADF: What is Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence? weblink

    Edinburgh Instruments Ltd

    News | 16 August 2018

    Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) is a mechanism for enhancing the efficiency of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) by harvesting triplet excitons. herefore attracted...

  • anna tryptophan fluorescence poster banner2b 720pix

    Tryptophan Fluorescence as a Research and Diagnostics Tool – FB3 Glasgow. weblink

    Edinburgh Instruments Ltd

    News | 16 August 2018

    Dr. Anna Gakamsky, Applications Engineer at Edinburgh Instruments, and Dr. Dmitry Gakamsky, CEO at DMG Biophotonics recently presented their research on Tryptophan...

  • header

    Fluorescence Spectrometers: A Short Introduction weblink

    Edinburgh Instruments Ltd

    News | 16 August 2018

    Fluorescence (or more broadly, photoluminescence) is a sensitive, non-destructive technique that is simple to use but requires  advanced instrumentation. Acquiring good fluorescence data requires a...

  • post

    What is the Inner Filter Effect? weblink

    Edinburgh Instruments Ltd

    News | 16 August 2018

    The inner filter effect is a common problem in fluorescence spectroscopy, affecting spectral measurements in particular. In highly concentrated solutions the excitation beam is attenuated by the sample so that only...

  • pt420

    World’s Largest PT and GM Cryocoolers weblink

    Cryomech Inc

    News | 14 August 2018

    Here at Cryomech we pride ourselves on having the widest selection of Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cryocoolers available on the market. With that vast selection, we can also say we offer the largest cooling...

  • pwaug18cover

    Physics World August 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 2 August 2018

    DIY Physics; Using open-source hardware to equip your lab In this issue: Features: Baths and black holes: How analogues help when studying the impossible Rays of mystery: What we don’t know about ultrahigh-energy cosmic...

  • 1

    Custom Colour Matching

    Master Bond Inc.

    Products | 30 July 2018

    Formulating Adhesives in Different Colours Today, manufacturers not only have to focus on performance property requirements when considering bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulating applications, but they may also face...

  • pc bond logo

    TECH TIP of the week weblink

    Master Bond Inc.

    News | 30 July 2018

    Optimizing viscosity for epoxy adhesives, potting compounds and sealants Uncured liquid epoxy adhesive systems are available for use in a wide range of viscosities. When bonding application requirements include specific flow...

  • man

    Physik Instrumente (PI) Founds PI Innovation GmbH: Lucius Amelung from PI miCos Changes over to the Management Board of the New Company weblink

    Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG

    News | 25 July 2018

    Lucius Amelung, founder of PI miCos GmbH in Eschbach near Freiburg Germany, is moving onto new responsibilities...

  • pwjul18cover

    Physics World July 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 25 July 2018

    TIME; The Abiding Mystery In this issue: Features: Time Examined and Time Experienced: How we perceive and experience time is fundamental to our lives but we don’t fully understand what is a complex phenomenon Time Traders:...

  • image

    Test Results weblink

    Master Bond Inc.

    News | 13 July 2018

    Autoclaving Resistance of Medical Adhesives Autoclaving is one of the most popular and rigorous methods for sterilizing medical equipment. It is also a key consideration when selecting an adhesive, sealant or potting compound for a...

  • pwjun18cover

    Physics World June 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 12 June 2018

    The Hunt Is On; Seeking submarines from the air In this issue: Features: Cash from asteroids: Will the first trillionaire be made in space? Cosmic conundrum: Dark-energy deniers come under scrutiny Give us the money: Why...

  • cobolt produktbilder2015 12 17 0401 plus cont

    Cobolt Bolero™ 640 nm

    Cobolt AB

    Products | 8 June 2018

    Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, proudly highlights the addition of a new wavelength of 640 nm to the Cobolt 05-01 Series of single frequency lasers. Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, proudly highlights the...

  • 1

    Super toughened epoxy resists High Temperature Chemicals weblink

    Master Bond Inc.

    Products | 7 June 2018

    Two Part Epoxy Supreme 62-1 Supreme 62-1 has excellent physical strength properties and a glass transition temperature of 155-160°C. This two part epoxy delivers superior chemical resistance...

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