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  • pwapr18cover 500

    Physics World April 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 20 April 2018

    Plants Physics; A blossoming field of research In this issue: Features: There are five features for you to tuck into, including one Feynman would surely have loved, examining the ingenious disordered nanostructures that help...

  • image1

    Royal Society of Chemistry - NPL Symposium

    British Vacuum Council

    News | 14 March 2018

    Nanoparticle concentration – critical needs and state-of-the-art measurement , 24 April 2018, Burlington House, London Symposium Format and Topics Nanoparticles are increasingly used in innovative...

  • pwmar18cover 500

    Physics World March 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 2 March 2018

    Invisible battles; One physicist’s struggle with mental health In this issue: Features: My invisible battle – The stigma around mental illness is slowly crumbling, with society becoming increasingly aware of the problem...

  • pwjan18cover 500

    Physics World January 2018 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 23 January 2018

    COSMIC IMPACT Colliding neutron starsa nd ripples through physics In this issue: Features: Working in the dark: What life is like for blind physicists Reactor control: Using ultrasound to monitor Fukishima Scientific...

  • horiba nano spectroscopy

    NanoRaman: Correlated Tip-Enhanced Optical Spectroscopy and SPM weblink

    HORIBA Scientific

    Webinars | 18 January 2018

    Webinar presented by Dr Marc Chaigneau, AFM/Raman product manager NanoRaman: Correlated Tip-Enhanced Optical Spectroscopy and SPM A unique combination for nanoscale analysis of new and...

  • Xplo ra afm aist

    HORIBA Scientific integrates AIST-NT’s Scanning Probe Microscopy Technology

    HORIBA Scientific

    Products | 17 January 2018

    Raman capabilities now range from micro- to NanoRaman and provides entry into the SPM market Palaiseau, France  January 15 th , 2017  After four years of successful...

  • im

    New era in high field superconducting magnets – opening new frontiers in science, nanotechnology and materials discovery weblink

    Oxford Instruments NanoScience

    News | 9 January 2018

    Oxford Instruments is delighted to congratulate our partners at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) on the...

  • Solutions for X-ray spectroscopy from RaySpec


    Products | 2 January 2018

    RaySpec has a long history in producing Silicon based energy dispersive x-ray detector systems for x-ray spectroscopy applications using synchrotron radiation, conventional x-ray tube or charged...

  • Carter Manufacturing are able to deliver vacuum compatible bearings when others can’t handle the pressure weblink

    Carter Manufacturing Limited

    Products | 2 January 2018

    Carter bearings have specially designed and specified bearings that work superbly in a whole host of high vacuum applications.  Using vacuum...

  • image

    Nanoporous Materials for Green Energy Conversion and Storage

    British Vacuum Council

    News | 18 December 2017

    October 14 -19, 2018, Seggau Castle, Austria iuvsta85.unileoben.ac.at Sponsored by the International Union of Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA) Scope The aim of the...

  • pwdec17cover 500

    Physics World December 2017 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 7 December 2017

      Watery wonders The physics of making and melting ice In this issue:   * Features:  When cold warms faster than hot : A new twist on the Mpemba effect * Features:  A salty safety solution:  Why exactly does salt...

  • iimage

    Oxford Instruments announces winner of the 2017 Sir Martin Wood Prize for Japan weblink

    Oxford Instruments NanoScience

    News | 14 November 2017

    Oxford Instruments is delighted to announce Dr Michihisa Yamamoto from the Quantum-Phase Electronic Center, The University of Tokyo, and Center of Emergent Matters,...

  • 8600 vsm lake shore

    8600 Series VSM to be focus of Lake Shore Cryotronics exhibit at MMM weblink

    Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

    News | 3 November 2017

    Visit Booth 23 to learn more about new magnetometer for fast, convenient materials charecterization Lake Shore Cryotronics will be at the 62 nd  Annual Conference on Magnetism and...

  • pwnov17cover 500

    Physics World November 2017 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 31 October 2017

    Under the sea: physics below the waterline Bubbles and beyond - the challenges physicists face working in the oceans Also in this issue:   * Features:  20,000 pings under the sea : The astronomer who works underwater *...

  • Activity Report of the IUVSTA Nanometer Structure Division (NSD) for ECM 126

    British Vacuum Council

    News | 18 October 2017

    This written report has been prepared by the division officers for the ECM 126, to be held between 29th  and 1st October 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and covers the period...

  • pwoct17cover 500

    Physics World October 2017 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 3 October 2017

    Tasty stuff: the physics of bread Physicist and chef Nathan Myhrvold talks about his passion for the foodstuff we love to eat Also in this issue:  * Features:  Feeling the pressure:  Has metallic hydrogen been found? *...

  • Pwsep17cover 500

    Physics World September 2017 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 1 September 2017

    Grand finale Cassini spacecraft beams back final images before plunging into Saturn Also in this issue: * Features: Stellar performer : The life and times of astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell * Reviews: Science on stage :...

  • Battery power on0717x2

    Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolation Facilitates Nano-Research into Superionic Solid Electrolytes for Next-Generation Lithium Batteries

    Minus K Technology, Inc.

    News | 7 August 2017

    Advances in materials testing techniques have enabled scientists and engineers to measure mechanical...

  • Pwaug17cover 500

    Physics World August 2017 weblink

    IOP Publishing

    News | 1 August 2017

    When your sister or brother likes physics too - tales of rivalry and support Also in this issue: * Features: Embracing failure : Why instabilities in materials can be a force for good * Features: Cartoon creation : What...

  • Pwjul17cover 500

    Physics World July 2017

    IOP Publishing

    News | 3 July 2017

    Special issue: Our hazardous planet Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and forest fires: how physicists are tackling some of the Earth’s worst dangers Also in this issue: * News & Analysis: Refugee scientists: The...

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