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  • Pwmar17cover 500

    Physics World March 2017

    IOP Publishing

    News | 27 February 2017

    Special issue: coding and computing Special issue: coding and computing From open-source software to quantum machine learning, discover smarter approaches to problems in physics Also in this issue: * News & Analysis: Trump...

  • Iop logo

    Article download cover sheet advertising download

    IOP Publishing

    News | 24 February 2017

    IOP Publishing introduces iopscience.org article download cover sheet advertising Exciting new advertising opportunity for 2017 From 2017, it will be possible for you to promote your company and products,...

  • Plasmatechnology products plasmaetchers main1 e1444744172214

    Henniker’s Product Range designed to Test Surfaces in order to determine Plasma Effectiveness

    Henniker Plasma (expired)

    News | 16 February 2017

    There are various quick and simple tests to determine the effectiveness of a particular plasma process upon a surface. The test methods have the benefit...

  • Plasmatechnology plasmatreatments plasmaetching thumbnail

    Plasma etch systems weblink

    Henniker Plasma

    News | 16 February 2017

    We supply a wide range of configurable Plasma Etch Systems for both chemical etching and physical etching applications, such as photoresist removal and improving the wettability of fluoropolymers such as PTFE. Chemical plasma...

  • Kumamoto eq3 3

    Heating a sample under strong magnetic field

    Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd.

    Case studies | 31 January 2017

    With the Quartz Guided Infrared Heater, a sample located under strong magnetic field, i.e. at the centre of superconducting magnet is possible. Conventional electrical heating methods, like resistive...

  • Pwfeb17cover 500

    Physics World February 2017

    IOP Publishing

    News | 26 January 2017

    Ancient mystery: How scientists are modelling the mechanics of dinosaur motion Also in this issue: * Features: Crossing the barrier – science writer Brian Clegg reveals why anticipation is the secret of good...

  • Pwjan17cover 500

    Physics World January 2017

    IOP Publishing

    News | 19 December 2016

    Biological control – can magnetic fields switch neurons on and off? Also in this issue: * Features: Information is key – making progress in quantum gravity using qubits * Forum: Risky business – why tendering for...

  • Plasmatechnology products atmosphericplasmaforinlinetreatment 1 300x225

    Atmospheric Plasma Torch for Surface Treatment weblink

    Henniker Plasma

    News | 16 December 2016

    The Cirrus atmospheric plasma torch is utilised to improve the adhesion characteristics of a wide range of materials. It is a compact standalone instrument which delivers a continuous plume (8-10mm...

  • Pwdec16cover 500

    Physics World December 2016

    IOP Publishing

    News | 23 November 2016

    Animal magic: How a physicist fell in love with penguins Also in this issue: * News & Analysis: Not business as usual – how Donald Trump’s presidency will hit US science * Reviews: Christmas books – from eclipses to...

  • Pwnov16cover 500

    Physics World November 2016

    IOP Publishing

    News | 23 November 2016

    Physics and food: How physics research is shaping how and what we eat In this issue: * Features: Make it snappy - why sound holds the secret to our appreciation of food * Features: Potato to crisp - how PepsiCo uses...

  • Pwneut16cover 500

    Physics World Focus on Neutron Science

    IOP Publishing

    News | 23 November 2016

    Making the most from the latest advances In Europe, neutron scientists are facing up to a number of headwinds. One is the uncertainty caused by the recent UK vote to leave the European Union, while another is...

  • Pwoct16cover 500

    Physics World October 2016

    IOP Publishing

    News | 23 November 2016

    From weapons to white dwarfs: How military labs are opening up to the world Also in this issue: * Features: The descent of mass – searching for violations in the universality of free fall * Lateral Thoughts: Access all...

  • Plasmatechnology products dualatmosphericplasmaforinlinetreatment main nimbus e1456916633950

    Dual Atmospheric Plasma Torch for Surface Treatment weblink

    Henniker Plasma

    News | 18 November 2016

    The Nimbus is a dual nozzle atmospheric plasma torch where both nozzle applicators are driven from a single power supply. The two plasma treatment nozzles operate simultaneously, effectively...

  • Physik instrumente pi

    The Smallest Parallel-Kinematic Piezo System for Travel Ranges to 100 µm: P-616 NanoCube® for Precision Positioning on Three Spatial Axes weblink

    Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG

    News | 8 November 2016

    The new P-616 NanoCube® from PI (Physik Instrumente) is extremely compact and offers identical dynamics,...

  • Lake shore thz probe arm

    Lake Shore exhibiting THz measurement solutions at two European conferences

    Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

    News | 28 September 2016

    THz characterization system, new cryogenic THz probe arm to be featured at IRMMW-THz and EuMW     Lake Shore Cryotronics, a leading provider of solutions for...

  • Pwsep16cover

    Physics World September 2016

    IOP Publishing

    News | 1 September 2016

    Breath easy: How breath can reveal crowd behaviour Physics World September 2016 Breathe easy: How breath can reveal crowd behaviour The cover story in the September 2016 issue of Physics World magazine reveals the...

  • Pwchisep16 ofc

    Physics World Special Report: China

    IOP Publishing

    News | 1 September 2016

    Pushing the frontiers of physics This Physics World special report on physics in China reveals some of the challenges and opportunities facing physicists in the world’s most populous country. Physics World is...

  • Park systems webvision logo

    Park Systems Introduces the Only AFM Capable of 300mm Wafer Scans for Defect Review and Failure Analysis in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Research

    Park Systems

    Products | 4 August 2016

    The NX20 300mm, the only AFM on the market capable of scanning the entire sample area of 300mm...

  • Pwvac16 p ofc

    Physics World Focus on: Vacuum technology

    IOP Publishing

    News | 2 August 2016

    Challenges, applications and solutions This special focus issue of Physics World explores the many fascinating applications of vacuum science and technology. Plasma processing is a strong theme this year, as...

  • Pwaug16cover

    Physics World August 2016

    IOP Publishing

    News | 1 August 2016

    From WiFi to LiFi: Using light for wireless communication I n this month’s Physics World: A bright idea – using LED lightbulbs to create the next revolutionary wireless network Harald Haas explains how the humble LED...

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