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  • lop

    New Product: UV22DC80-10F

    News | 12 January 2018

    Master Bond UV22DC80-10F is a single component, nanosilica filled compound featuring a UV and heat curing mechanism. This thixotropic, moderately low viscosity compound has a viscosity of 8,000-12,000 cps at 75°F (~23°C).

  • 1

    Products Focus download

    Products | 5 October 2017

    …adhesives for your specific needs EP21ND-LP: Two Part Epoxy Paste with Long Working Life Featuring excellent physical strength properties, EP21ND-LP is a room temperature curing epoxy for bonding, sealing and coating applications.

  • ep41 s 5 adhesive flashback

    Adhesive Flashback: download

    Products | 5 October 2017

    Master Bond EP41S-5 Succeeds EP35CA for Key Joining Applications Discover the evolution of Master Bond products with the story of how EP35CA was eventually replaced by EP41S-5 when a customer’s specific application requirements...

  • ep39 2 300

    Case Study: EP39-2 Adhesive Aids in Photoelectrochemical Application download

    Products | 21 September 2017

    Master Bond EP39-2 features excellent clarity and light transmission properties. It offers superior wear and chemical resistance over the wide service temperature range of -60°F...

  • masterbond

    Epoxy System EP62-1 featuring superior chemical resistance to harsh chemicals download

    News | 15 September 2017

    Master Bond EP62-1 is primarily used as an adhesive, sealant or coating.   It has the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions including exposure to acids,...

  • Bip

    Product spotlight download

    Products | 31 August 2017

    Master Bond EP39MA0HT for large potting & encapsulation applications EP39MAOHT blends a low viscosity and low exotherm, making it particularly well suited for large volume potting and castings. This video demonstrates this...

  • 1

    Prodcut Focus download

    News | 25 August 2017

    adhesives for your specific needs EP29LPSPAO-1 Black: Passes NASA Low Outgassing Tests EP29LPSPAO-1 Black is a two component, high performance epoxy system with impressive electrical insulation properties and thermal conductivity of...

  • Master sil930

    White Paper: How to Evaluate Chemically Resistant Adhesives download

    Products | 21 August 2017

    Master Bond’s paper offers a guide to evaluating and selecting adhesive products exposed to harsh chemical environments. This article examines the importance of exposure variables,...

  • X5 tc 200

    One component room temperature curing elastomers

    News | 10 August 2017

    4 systems… X21Med: Polyolefin Primer/Adhesive Meets ISO 10993-5 Requirements Master Bond X21Med is a one part system that can be used for bonding and priming polyolefinic surfaces. This...

  • Ep36 ao 200

    EP36AO: Flexible Epoxy for Potting and Encapsulation Applications

    News | 4 August 2017

    Top five; thermally conductive adhesives EP36AO: Flexible Epoxy for Potting and Encapsulation Applications B-staged epoxy, EP36AO, features outstanding thermal shock resistance and...

  • Supreme3 htnd 2 dm 200

    Newly Developed Products of 2017 download

    News | 21 July 2017

    6 months in review EP62-1BF: Low Viscosity Epoxy With Exceptional Chemical Resistance EP62-1BF is a two part epoxy featuring the ability to withstand exposure to aggressive chemicals including acids, bases and...

  • Led403 med dsc7817 200

    Newly Updated: Adhesives for the Medical Industry download

    Products | 14 July 2017

    For an overview of our most popular medical grade formulations, please browse this easy to read catalog organized by chemistry, key properties and curing schedules. For an overview of our most...

  • Ep42 ht 2 lte 200

    MasterSil 157: Addition Cured Silicone with Wide Temperature Serviceability download

    News | 6 July 2017

    MasterSil 157 is a two part system for potting, encapsulation and sealing applications. This optically clear formulation features a low index of refraction and has the...

  • Ep41 s f 200

    New Product: EP41S-F download

    News | 30 June 2017

    Master Bond EP41S-F is a two part epoxy for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. It combines fast ambient temperature cure speed with  chemical resistance and superior electrical insulation properties. This...

  • Master bond logo 65x72

    High performing, Heat curing, One part Epoxy Systems

    News | 11 May 2017

    Master Bond’s EP3 series features outstanding performance properties, long-term durability and easy application. These one part epoxies do not require mixing, eliminate waste and have an...

  • Master bond logo 65x72

    Cost-Effective Adhesive Bonding for High Strength Assemblies download

    News | 3 May 2017

    Mechanical fastening has long been the standard method of keeping manufacturing assemblies together, but adhesive bonding has seen a rise in popularity as an alternative technique.

  • Pop

    EP45HTAN Delivers Strong Bonds for Demanding Aerospace Applications download

    News | 20 April 2017

    Can an adhesive maintain its strength when bonding titanium to carbon-carbon composites under extreme temperature and harsh conditions? This is precisely what researchers 1 from QSS...

  • Master bond logo 65x72

    MasterSil 157 download

    News | 18 April 2017

    Ideal for potting and encapsulation applications, MasterSil 157 is a two component silicone system that features low viscosity and low exotherm. It has superior electrical insulation properties and can cure in sections beyond 1 inch...

  • Master bond logo 65x72

    Product Spotlight: Supreme 3HTND-2DM download

    News | 10 April 2017

    Developed for chip-on-board encapsulation applications, Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2DM is a rapid curing, toughened, one part epoxy system that can be used for dam-and-fill. Developed for chip-on-board...

  • Mb

    Adhesives for Electronic Applications download

    News | 6 April 2017

    Master Bond custom formulates epoxy adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds to meet the rigorous needs of the electronic industry. We are a leading manufacturer of conformal coatings,...

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