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  • pwapr18cover 500

    Physics World April 2018 download

    News | 20 April 2018

    Plants Physics; A blossoming field of research In this issue: Features: There are five features for you to tuck into, including one Feynman would surely have loved, examining the ingenious disordered nanostructures that help...

  • pwmar18cover 500

    Physics World March 2018 download

    News | 2 March 2018

    Invisible battles; One physicist’s struggle with mental health In this issue: Features: My invisible battle – The stigma around mental illness is slowly crumbling, with society becoming increasingly aware of the problem...

  • pwfeb18

    Physics World February 2018

    News | 13 February 2018

    Swarm Science; How midges shed light on collective behaviour In this issue: Features: Science writer Jennifer Ouellette discovers how tiny midges can shed light on collective behaviour in physics. Helen Gleeson: how...

  • pwjan18cover 500

    Physics World January 2018 download

    News | 23 January 2018

    COSMIC IMPACT Colliding neutron starsa nd ripples through physics In this issue: Features: Working in the dark: What life is like for blind physicists Reactor control: Using ultrasound to monitor Fukishima Scientific...

  • pwdec17cover 500

    Physics World December 2017 download

    News | 7 December 2017

      Watery wonders The physics of making and melting ice In this issue:   * Features:  When cold warms faster than hot : A new twist on the Mpemba effect * Features:  A salty safety solution:  Why exactly does salt...

  • pwnov17cover 500

    Physics World November 2017 download

    News | 31 October 2017

    Under the sea: physics below the waterline Bubbles and beyond - the challenges physicists face working in the oceans Also in this issue:   * Features:  20,000 pings under the sea : The astronomer who works underwater *...

  • pwoct17cover 500

    Physics World October 2017 download

    News | 3 October 2017

    Tasty stuff: the physics of bread Physicist and chef Nathan Myhrvold talks about his passion for the foodstuff we love to eat Also in this issue:  * Features:  Feeling the pressure:  Has metallic hydrogen been found? *...

  • Ten top tips for writing success

    News | 27 September 2017

    Webinar presented by Tami Freeman, Editor,, Liz Kalaugher, Editor, and Marric Stephens, Editor, Ten top tips for writing success 5th October 2017 3pm...

  • Introduction to IOP Publishing, the new, and your role as a student contributor

    News | 27 September 2017

    Webinar presented by Tami Freeman, Editor,, and Susan Curtis, Managing Editor, Physics World online Introduction to IOP...

  • Pwsep17cover 500

    Physics World September 2017 download

    News | 1 September 2017

    Grand finale Cassini spacecraft beams back final images before plunging into Saturn Also in this issue: * Features: Stellar performer : The life and times of astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell * Reviews: Science on stage :...

  • Pwaug17cover 500

    Physics World August 2017 download

    News | 1 August 2017

    When your sister or brother likes physics too - tales of rivalry and support Also in this issue: * Features: Embracing failure : Why instabilities in materials can be a force for good * Features: Cartoon creation : What...

  • Pwjul17cover 500

    Physics World July 2017

    News | 3 July 2017

    Special issue: Our hazardous planet Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and forest fires: how physicists are tackling some of the Earth’s worst dangers Also in this issue: * News & Analysis: Refugee scientists: The...

  • Pwjun17cover 500

    Physics World June 2017 download

    News | 14 June 2017

    Chalk and talk The enduring appeal of the blackboard Also in this issue: * Features: Nature’s little linchpins: Why neutrinos could be the key to new physics * Careers: Full speed ahead: The thrill of a career in...

  • Pwmay17cover 500

    Physics World May 2017 download

    News | 14 June 2017

    Simulating the universe How to model the cosmos with Einstein’s equations Also in this issue: * News & Analysis: Speaking out: Obama’s science adviser John Holdren interviewed * Features: Little things that matter: The...

  • Pwapr17cover 500

    Physics World April 2017

    News | 22 March 2017

    The secret of the blue fog The secret of the blue fog Could blue liquid crystals lead to new display devices? Also in this issue: * News & Analysis: The heat is on: US scientists battle with Trump * Forum: Preparing for...

  • Pwmar17cover 500

    Physics World March 2017

    News | 27 February 2017

    Special issue: coding and computing Special issue: coding and computing From open-source software to quantum machine learning, discover smarter approaches to problems in physics Also in this issue: * News & Analysis: Trump...

  • Iop logo

    Article download cover sheet advertising weblink

    News | 24 February 2017

    IOP Publishing introduces article download cover sheet advertising Exciting new advertising opportunity for 2017 From 2017, it will be possible for you to promote your company and products,...

  • Pwfeb17cover 500

    Physics World February 2017

    News | 26 January 2017

    Ancient mystery: How scientists are modelling the mechanics of dinosaur motion Also in this issue: * Features: Crossing the barrier – science writer Brian Clegg reveals why anticipation is the secret of good...

  • Pwjan17cover 500

    Physics World January 2017

    News | 19 December 2016

    Biological control – can magnetic fields switch neurons on and off? Also in this issue: * Features: Information is key – making progress in quantum gravity using qubits * Forum: Risky business – why tendering for...

  • Physics Connect - Media Pack 2017 - Cover

    2017 Physics Connect media pack now available weblink

    News | 8 December 2016

    Advertising and sponsorship opportunities with Physics Connect in 2017 For brands and organisations interested in developing revenue streams and brand marketing campaigns, IOP Publishing has developed a...

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