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    Quantitative laser Raman spectroscopy of gases download

    White papers | 13 August 2018

    Abstract: Laser Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that is used in a variety of applications for the compositional analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous samples. This whitepaper looks...

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    Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry for Layer Measurement of Racing Tyres download

    White papers | 12 June 2018

    Motorsport tyres are the only link between the power generated by the engine and the road surface. Maximising their performance in terms of grip and wear is crucial to...

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    Ultrafast optical sampling oscilloscope weblink

    White papers | 3 May 2016

    Want improved resolution, speed, accuracy and precision? Read on to find out about the key benefits of ASOPS In this ever advancing technology-led world, the dimensions of functional objects are decreasing and...

  • Laser quantum fig 1 experimental setup

    Degradation studies of a VECSEL gain structure using a stable green pump laser

    White papers | 25 June 2015

    Abstract: The degradation of the gain structure of a red-emitting Optically Pumped Semiconductor (OPS) Vertical External-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VECSEL) pumped by...

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    STED Microscopy- A Nobel prize winning technique weblink

    White papers | 21 May 2015

    The New White Paper from Laser Quantum Abstract: STED microscopy has enabled super resolution imaging to resolve structures of proteins and viruses to below 10nm – several orders below the...

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    Sub-nm layer measurements using ASOPS and laser induced ultrasound

    White papers | 29 April 2015

    Abstract: The measurement of thin film layer thickness in industries such as silicon wafer manufacture requires the highest accuracy, resolution and speed, all in a non-invasive,...

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    Torus SLM laser shows excellent spectral purity weblink

    White papers | 3 October 2014

    The spectral purity of the torus 532 laser is shown to be 110 dB when measured with a Tandem Fabry-Perot interferometer, resulting in high resolution Brillouin scattering measurements in bulk...

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    Shaping of light beams along curves in three dimensions weblink

    White papers | 3 October 2014

    Researchers at the University Complutense Madrid (UCM) have recently presented a method for generating laser beams whose intensity and phase are prescribed along arbitrary 3 dimensional curves.

  • Figure 2 Basic THz generation principle of the Tera-SED emitters

    TERA-Sed Emitters weblink

    White papers | 5 November 2013

    The Laser Quantum Tera-SED is a device emitting intense terahertz (THz) radiation after excitation with a femtosecond (fs) laser pulse. It converts the light from the optical regime into the THz regime with a conversion efficiency...

  • Figure 1 Energy level scheme of the NV centre

    Superresolution microscopy reaches 14 nm weblink

    White papers | 5 November 2013

    The past decade has seen a growing interest in nitrogen vacancy colour centres (NV-centres) in diamond as prominent candidates for solid state quantum bits, single photon sources and even ultra-sensitive...

  • Figure 1 A comparison of two femtosecond pulses with the corresponding electric field oscillations

    Shortest CEP stabilised Ti:Sapphire pulse weblink

    White papers | 5 November 2013

    Abstract: A dual-output, self-synchronised, CEP-stabilised Ti:sapphire oscillator is presented, with a pulse duration of 4.4fs and a CEP phase noise of...

  • Figure 1 The CEP offset of a frequency comb

    CEO/CEP stabilisation of Ti:sapphire femtosecond lasers without AOM download

    White papers | 5 November 2013

    The carrier-envelope offset frequency and phase of a Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser can be stabilized by directly feeding back to the output power of a 532 nm finesse pure 10 Watt...

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