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  • venteon boost gecco power

    New and powerful contenders in the femtosecond oscillator market download

    Products | 17 July 2018

    Few-cycle, short-pulse, optimised for maximum output power and pulse energy Laser Quantum has released two new products in the gecco and venteon femtosecond oscillator ranges: the...

  • P1050240

    Laser Quantum launches taccor comb

    Products | 16 March 2016

    Laser Quantum launch a complete 1GHz mode spaced frequency comb Stockport, England: Manchester-based Laser Quantum has launched its new taccor comb , an exceptional supercontinuum typ.1uW per mode with easy access...

  • Company logo

    The Manufacturer - OEM Relationship: Our commitment and policy promise

    Products | 12 November 2015

    Laser Quantum has built its growing laser business by targeting its products to two distinct customer types: the researcher in a laboratory advancing scientific knowledge, and...

  • Fit

    The only 532nm high power pump laser with direct power modulation for CEP stabilisation

    Products | 9 September 2015

    Laser Quantum’s finesse pure CEP is the first and only 532nm high power pump laser on the market that provides direct modulation input to its output power. It...

  • Taccor

    Laser Quantum’s 10GHz repetition rate!

    Products | 10 June 2015

    The taccor x10 is a turn-key femtosecond laser with a 10GHz repetition rate, delivering up to 1W of average power in pulses as short as 50fs. It is designed into a compact, hermetically sealed, vibrational...

  • Taccor

    The taccor tune

    Products | 27 May 2015

    Product News from Laser Quantum What is the taccor tune? The taccor tune is a turn-key femtosecond laser with a 1GHz repetition rate, delivering up to 1.8W of average power in pulses that can be as short as 15fs. The variable...

  • Venteon

    Product News: The venteon OPCPA, a global first!

    Products | 20 April 2015

    Laser Quantum are proud to introduce the venteon OPCPA femtosecond amplifier system, the first complete commercial OPCPA system worldwide! Product News: The venteon OPCPA, a global first! What is the...

  • Hassp

    Introducing the HASSP-THz

    Products | 1 April 2015

    Laser Quantum present the new HASSP-THz, created to meet the demand in ultrafast time domain spectroscopy; a technique for monitoring sample activity on picosecond to nanosecond timescales. The HASSP- THZ what is it? The...