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Software for designing imaging systems. Applications include:

  • Digital camera lenses
  • Free-space photonic devices
  • Grating spectrometers
  • IR & UV systems
  • Laser scanning systems
  • Machine vision
  • Medical devices
  • Microlens arrays
  • Microlithographic systems
  • Space-borne systems

    Software for designing illumination systems. Applications include:

  • Backlit displays
  • General lighting
  • LED-based sources
  • Lightpipes
  • Machine vision
  • Medical devices
  • Stray light simulations

    Software for the design, optimization and planning of optical communications, as well as the design and simulation of passive and active optoelectronic components and subsystems. Applications include:

  • Device: Waveguide devices, fiber devices, gratings, photonic crystals, WDM devices, sensors/filters
  • System: Transmission impairments, performance estimation, modulation formats, optical amplifiers, receivers, multichannel systems, analog systems, multimode fiber and systems, coherent communications, partial DPSK

    Design automotive and general lighting systems using LucidShape software, and simulate night driving in real time with LucidDrive.

  • Sun/Skylight simulation
  • Low Beam Feasibility Check
  • Luminance Camera
  • License Plate Illumination
  • Signal Functions
  • Low Beam
  • High Beam
  • Fog light
  • Fog lamp
  • Backup lamp
  • Turn indicator
  • Side marker
  • Rear Fog
  • IES files
  • Road projection
  • Retro reflectors
  • Prism Band
  • HID
  • Night Drive Simulation

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