5-ways to improve UV spectroscopy

If the goal is better UV spectroscopy, we have some news for you. More than 70% of users choose the McPherson Model 234/302 monochromator.

Everybody has a different reason for choosing the McPherson Model 234/302 spectrometer. A few distinct features make it attractive for many applications. All contribute to better basics, like signal-to-noise ratio. All are tailored to detect higher energy photons, beyond visible light and including extreme UV and vacuum ultraviolet spectra. Find detail specifications on the data sheet. We can guarantee performance at short wavelengths because every instrument is built, tested and calibrated right here in the USA.

The Model 234/302 spectrometer is small, robust and at a good price point. That is not all. The Model 234/302 provides you with masterpiece optics. They deliver good spectral purity, practically no scatter and reach the shortest wavelengths. The ability to operate with direct detection CCD detectors or single point detectors is unique too. CCD-array detectors provide wide wavelength range very quickly. Point detectors provide best possible spectral resolution and very fast monitoring of transients. The high performance drive system delivers sharp 0.05 nanometer full-width-half-maximum spectral resolution with the 2400g/mm diffraction grating.


Deep UV Monochromator

  • Small and robust. Good price
  • Masterpiece optics for best performance
  • Works with point- and CCD-detectors
  • 10E-6 Torr vacuum tight. Purge capable
  • Finished to customer request

For applications like HHG spectroscopy, plasma diagnostics, vacuum ultraviolet optical characterization, metrology and calibration the Model 234/302 meets the challenge. This research grade spectrometer has uncompromising performance. It is our pleasure to deliver components as well as system-level solutions. Since it is vacuum-tight, we work with you to make sure coupling flanges, light collection optics, filters, and so on are considered and properly implemented. The Model 234/302 is also available for ultra high vacuum (UHV), metal-sealed, 10E-10 Torr applications. Call or email today to learn how the Model 234/302 fits into your experiments.

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    5-ways to improve UV spectroscopy

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    If the goal is better UV spectroscopy, we have some news for you. More than 70% of users choose the McPherson Model 234/302 monochromator.

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