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Exhibition: ICCC 2018 (Sendai, Japan) – Asahi Spectra

July 30 – August 4 2018, Sendai International Center, Booth No. O


Asahi Spectra will exhibit our products at the 43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC 2018) in Sendai, Japan. We will exhibit the new monochromatic illuminator system, the MAX-350 which is useful especially for photochemical studies and photoreaction. The monochromatic light is generated by embedded optical components. There is less IR heat damage to a sample thanks to its unique design. In addition, it is also easy to select several wavelengths quickly.  We will also exhibit the monochromator CMS-100 for tuning the wavelength and the rod unit for illuminating a sample in solution.

Visit to our booth O, and find out a solution for your research

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