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Three-Axis Helmholtz Coil System

System consisting of three pairs of coils, a drive amplifier, and a control unit. Coils generate a magnetic field up to 500μT for a DC field and up to 100μT for a 5kHz field.

The coils, with diameters of 500mm (HC1) or 1m (HC2), produce a 0.1% homogeneous field of 260 cubic centimetres or 2515 cubic centimetres respectively. One, two- and three-axis versions are available of the HC1, the two-axis version being in any combination (X Y, X Z or Y Z). A mounting table is provided to hold the test item inside the homogeneity volume.

The full system consists of up to three pairs of coils, one for each axis; a drive amplifier, that runs from a standard mains socket and determines the input current to the coil; a control unit, that interfaces between the amplifier and a PC-based control system; and the control system itself, a National Instruments® PXI system that operates using LabVIEW-based software. Each component can also be supplied separately.