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High Voltage Connectors & Cable Assemblies

GLASSMAN EUROPE LTD continue to have a successful partnership with High Voltage connector and cable Assembly manufacturer, Caton Connector Corporation.

High Voltage Connectors&Cable Assemblies

Caton have over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience within many applications and environments, throughout numerous market areas including:-

  • Research & Development
  • Semi-Conductor
  • Medical
  • Avionic Systems
  • Utilities
  • Defence Systems

Caton offer solutions from their extensive range of standard designs, together with their ability to design high quality and cost effective custom solutions, for varied and often challenging applications.

Typical design features include:-

  • Corona free connectors
  • Assemblies of up to 19 conductors
  • Multi-shielding
  • Multi extruded silicone cable
  • Operation at altitudes above 50,000ft

For further information on Caton, or indeed any other product from the considerable Glassman Europe portfolio, please visit our website, or contact us by using any of the following methods:


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