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HPR-20 EGA by Hiden Analytical

A compact bench-top gas analysis system for evolved gas analysis in thermogravimetric mass spectrometry, TGA-MS

The Hiden HPR-20 EGA gas analysis system is configured for continuous analysis of evolved gases and vapours from thermogravimetric analysers, TGA.

An extensive range of MS inlets for optimised coupling the HPR-20 EGA mass spectrometer to TGA systems is available.

The TGA interface includes re-entrant furnace sampling, providing close coupling to the TGA furnace region for optimized evolved gas/vapour analysis.

The coupling interface includes bespoke cables connecting the TGA and MS for TGA-MS synchronized data acquisition including automatic start / stop with TGA operation.

Most popular brands of TGA are accommodated within the extensive range of coupling interfaces, including multiple models covering both the very latest new TGA systems, as well as older style legacy systems.

The HPR-20 EGA system includes EGAsoft PC software, an application specific software program designed for TGA-MS, including data export in formats to suit direct import of MS data into the TGA equipment software.

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