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New and Improved: Zaber’s X-Series Devices

Zaber’s new X-Series devices are unique in their design, but share many traits with our T-Series and A-Series devices, such as the built-in controllers and ability to daisy-chain data.

In addition, X-Series devices are able to daisy-chain power with other X-Series devices up to 3 axes, and have locking M8 connectors. Many X-Series positioners also have options for motor-mounted or direct-reading/linear encoders.

Linear Stages: Zaber’s new X-LSM-Eminiature linear stages are three times faster than their predecessor, while our new X-LHM-ESeries are a compact size with an affordable price tag. The X-LRM-ESeries have hardened steel construction and an integrated recirculating ball bearing guide, providing exceptional stiffness and thermal stability. The new and improved X-LSQ-ESeries are high speed linear stages with lead screws, while the X-BLQ-Eis a high speed, belt-driven stage.

Grippers: The X-GLP-Eparallel grippers can detect when an object has been gripped, and provides feedback about the object’s size and finger position.

Joystick: Control up to three axes with Zaber’s joystick (X-JOY3), with programmable sensitivity and velocity profiles.

Stepper Motor Controllers: The X-MCB1controls any bipolar stepper motor or actuator up to 2.5 A/phase, while each axis of Zaber’s new X-MCB2controller is capable of independent and pre-emptive motion.

Rotary Stages: Zaber’s high accuracy X-RST-Efamily of rotation stages have versions with built-in controllers, motor encoders and direct reading encoders, while the X-RSW-Efamily of rotary stages are worm gear driven for continuous rotation.

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