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Glassman Europe Ltd – Is the European headquarters for world renowned High Voltage DC power supply manufacturer Glassman High Voltage Inc, based in New Jersey USA.

Founded in 1989 Glassman Europe Ltd are based in the village of Bramley near Basingstoke in Hampshire.

Glassman Europe Ltd – Is the European headquarters for world renowned High Voltage DC power supply manufacturer Glassman High Voltage Inc, based in New Jersey USA.

Founded in 1989 Glassman Europe Ltd are based in the village of Bramley near Basingstoke in Hampshire and are therefore, strategically placed near to our Heathrow based freight forwarder and also close to the M3 & M4 motorways for convenient transport routes throughout the South and indeed for the whole of the UK.

The Glassman high voltage dc power supply range has consistently evolved since our parent company was founded in 1977, but the fundamental design topology of using ‘air insulation’ techniques for our high voltage multiplier assemblies has remained unchanged.

Using air as the primary dielectric medium offers many advantages including full serviceability down to component level, as all of the high voltage components are accessible should the need arise to replace these parts. Conversely, most other industry solutions use solid encapsulation techniques for the high voltage assembly, which renders this part of the power supply unserviceable and therefore, a ‘throw away’ assembly, even though it represents one of the most expensive parts of the power supply.

Air insulation also has other advantages including being much lighter and therefore, more portable than encapsulated power supplies, but can also be modified more easily for individual customer applications.

Our newest generation of high voltage dc power supplies include an embedded microcontroller, which allows for front panel multi-function rotary encoders, integral Analogue, RS232 and USB digital programming as standard, with optional Ethernet control, together with additional features including, course and fine adjustment, fully variable output slow start ramp and user selectable constant current / current trip modes.

Other design features include an impressive 0.005% static Voltage regulation, together with specified dynamic voltage regulation limits, for applications with rapidly changing Load characteristics.

All standard Glassman DC power supplies include a 3 Year parts and labour warranty and as with all of the products within our considerable portfolio, benefit from the technical support and customer service of our dedicated team of sales engineers, providing a service which we believe to be second to none within our industry.

Glassman high voltage dc power supplies enjoy an enviable global reputation for long term reliability, within even the most demanding applications, largely as a result of our electrically robust design topology, but also as a result of an accumulation of application knowledge gained through close customer working relationships, allowing a greater understanding of the nature of specific customer applications and therefore, the demands likely to be placed upon the power supply by the customer’s load.

For example, regulated HVDC power supplies, are not designed to be operated at high repetition rates for capacitor charging applications; however, once a customer application such as this has become apparent, we would advise that Glassman HV power supplies are suitable for capacitor charging applications, as long as the charge/discharge repetition rate does not exceed about 1.5Hz.

Other considerations also come in to play with capacitor charging application, such as the need to protect the power supply against Voltage transients, surges and EMI; of course every individual requirement is different and has its own characteristics, although, in general, the HV output will need to be protected from overvoltage and reverse transients, via series limiting resistors, series diodes and clamp diodes.

For larger or more challenging capacitor charging applications, such as a Marx Generator, the load returns and power supply grounding must be configured to minimise load current flowing through or near the power supply commons and also to minimise lead inductances, which can resonate during the discharge and lead to fairly long reverse and over-voltages. Also, the AC mains must be isolated and shielded from the load circuits to prevent transients from finding their way back to the input of the power supply. The control signal interface connections should be connected directly to the HVPS signal commons and referenced to ground only at the signal source, or be completely isolated from the supply commons. Ideally, the power supply chassis should be mounted in a Faraday cage, to shield it from RFI pulses.

Glassman high voltage power supplies have been integrated within many varied applications worldwide, either in a completely standard configuration without additional external components, with some additional ‘belt and braces’ external components, or indeed as a modified power supply, which can normally be achieved at a relatively low cost, as a result of easy access to the air insulated components within all Glassman HV power supplies. Full customised solutions are also available.

Glassman Europe’s broad product portfolio includes dc power supplies with output voltages from 0 – 5Vdc through 0 – 500kVdc with power ratings from 15Watts to in excess of 100kW.

All of our power supplies are fully variable from zero to their rated output, either from front panel (local control) or via remote analogue and/or digital remote programming functions and are designed for operation at full power indefinitely.

Other products within the Glassman Europe portfolio include: High Voltage Switching and Monitoring equipment from Ross Engineering, including High Voltage Dividers, Probes and safety grounding rods, together with High Voltage Relays, resistors and spark gaps.

Our range of dedicated high voltage Capacitor Chargers from Eurofeedback, Laser Diode Drivers and Arc Lamp Supplies form Lumina Power, together with a range of High Voltage Cable and Connector assemblies from Caton Connector Corporation, complete our current portfolio of products.

Glassman Europe’s longstanding exclusive relationships with Ross Engineering, Caton, Eurofeedback and Lumina Power, have helped make Glassman Europe the leading supplier for complete high voltage system solutions, requiring dc power sources, monitoring equipment, cables and connectors and safety grounding devices.


For further information on any of the products from our portfolio, please contact the Glassman Europe office using any of the below methods:-

Web:; Email:; Phone: ( 44) 1256 883007; Fax: ( 44) 1256 883017



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