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New Generation Glassman high voltage products

The new generation of FJ, FR & EJ series high voltage dc power supplies from Glassman, feature an embedded microcontroller, with front panel LEDs and multi-function front panel rotary encoders, allowing selectable coarse and fine adjustment.

With power ratings from 120W to 600Watts and with output voltages up to 60kVdc, all units feature selectable 115V/220Vac mains input, integral RS232/USB digital remote control interface as standard, with Ethernet available as an option; user selectable constant current / current trip protection, fully variable slow start ramp function and active protection against arcs with Arc count and Arc sensing circuitry.

The MQ series includes all of the above programming and monitoring features, packaged within an OEM style module, that can easily be secreted within a system, thereby saving on rack space and therefore not requiring any of the front panel meters and controls.

All of these designs are very well specified, with voltage regulation better than 0.005% for allowable line and load variations. All units are designed and manufactured with customary Glassman high quality and reliability, and all standard products feature our 3 year parts and labour warranty.

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