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Secondary ion mass spectrometer for UHV surface analysis & SNMS. The Hiden MAXIM

A state of the art secondary ion mass spectrometer for static and dynamic SIMS and SNMS applications.

MAXIM the most sensitive quadrupole SIMS analyser for the most sensitive elemental analysis technique.

-Mass range options:300amu/500amu/1000amu
-Detector:Ion counting detector, ve & -ve ion detection, 107 cps
-Mass filter: Triple filter
-Pole diameter:9mm
-Ion energy filter:30° angular acceptance
-Ioniser: Electron bombardment, single filament for SNMS & RGA

-Integral energy filter for ion acceptance at 30° to probe axis
-High transmission SIMS extraction ion optics
-High efficiency electron impact SNMS ionizer
-Triple mass filter
-Pulse ion counting detector
-Control electronics with Windows MASsoft PC software
-Raster control for imaging & depth profiling

Visit our website for Specification’s for the MAXIM Analyser (SIMS/SNMS).

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