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Diagnostic analysers for in-vacuum procedures

Hiden quadrupole mass spectrometer residual gas analysers(RGA’s) ensure detailed real-time analysis of in-vacuum species and their relative partial pressures.

Hiden quadrupole mass spectrometer residual gas analysers(RGA’s) ensure detailed real-time analysis of in-vacuum species and their relative partial pressures, determining pre-process vacuum quality with positive identification of vacuum-limiting species such as excessive levels of air, water vapour, hydrocarbons, cleaning solvents, process gas leakages. The integral leak detection mode features exceptional sensitivity for helium and is user-tunable for selection of any preferred alternative search gas within the instruments mass range.

Hapr0156 rga

Interfacing with the process system control enables in-process compositional analysis with protective monitoring, process data such as timing of process events and temperature being directly integrated with the mass spectral data if desired. Analysers monitor gaseous species with molecular weights up to 300amu with high sensitivity, with trace-level detection capability for minor species of less than 0.1 part per million. The operating pressure range extends from ultra-high vacuum through to millibar levels, with pressure reduction systems available for operation at the higher pressure regimes.

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    APSI mode simplifies MS spectral analysis

    News | 21 Dec 2017

    Analysis of gaseous species by quadrupole mass spectrometry involves ionisation of the molecular species most typically by the electron bombardment technique, the ionisation process creatingfragmentation ions additionally to the parent ion. Spectral interpretation can then be compromised by spectral interference in some gaseous mixtures.

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    News | 21 Dec 2017

    Hiden Analytical release their new brochure featuring the full range of quadrupole mass spectrometers designed specifically for vacuum process monitoring. Systems cover the fullpressure range from UHV (background species, leak detection) through to the millibar regime (process monitoring, control and protection).

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    Hiden Analytical offers a range of mass spectrometer products of special significance to  the process and post-process stages of atomic layer deposition (ALD) and evaluation.

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    The Hiden CATLAB-PCS combined microreactor and mass spectrometer system is purpose designed for the characterisation and evaluation of catalysts, for temperature programmed desorption and reaction testing, and for general thermal studies.

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