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Low-dimensional Materials Characterization with Correlative Microscopy: Raman-AFM-SNOM-SEM

Webinar presented by Dr. Ute Schmidt, Applications Manager, WITec GmbH, 15th October 3pm (BST)


Thursday 15th October, 4pm (CEST), 10am (EDT)

The aim of this webinar is to highlight the benefits of correlative microscopy for studies of graphene and related two-dimensional transition metal dichalogenides (TMDs) such as MoS2 and WS2. Raman Imaging is used to characterize the optoelectronic properties of 2D materials. In combination with AFM and SEM the precise geometric dimensions of these materials is determined. Photonic properties can be gained using SNOM.

Key learning objectives are:

Gain insight as to how unrivalled spectral and spatial resolution, ultra-fast acquisition times, and exceptional signal sensitivity in Raman Imaging can be combined with AFM, SNOM and SEM.

Learn which properties of low dimensional materials can be characterized with Raman and how complementary techniques lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the sample.

Learn how to configure a Raman microscope in order to perform high-sensitivity and high-resolution 3D spectral imaging routinely.