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Testbourne has two specialist divisions with ISO-9001 Quality Systems and a reliable customer service for clients involved in scientific research, development and manufacturing. Stock On-Hold Service: Small to large quantities of materials or instruments are reserved for contracted customers, immediate availability of the required goods is then guaranteed.

High Purity Materials Division:
Testbourne SupervacR Materials include small lots for research to large quantities for production. Metals, precious metals, alloys, compounds and specially synthesized materials are listed in a range of purity and form in comprehensive electronic and hard copy catalogues and technical data sheets.

Thin Films:Materials for deposition by thermal evaporation, sputtering targets, backing plates and bonding service.
Optical Coating: Materials and sputtering targets for use in different optical wavelengths from ultra violet through visible to far infra-red.

Instrument Division:

High & Ultra High Vacuum
Feedthroughs: Ceramic and glass-ceramic components for use in
cryogenic to high temperature and ultra high vacuum to high pressures.

Oils and lubricants for diffusion and mechanical pumps, greases and sealants.

Thin Films

  • Deposition controllers and monitors
  • Quartz crystals and sensor heads
  • Magnetron sputtering sources
  • Thermal evaporation sources
  • Substrate heaters

Microwave power supplies, waveguides, downstream source. Research:
plasma chamber, oven, furnace, torch and microwave test meter.

Sample Preparation
Single Crystal orientation. Precision cutting, lapping and polishing of orientated crystals as used in electro-optic, fibre optic, laser optic and semiconductor applications. Samples for scanning, transmission electron microscopy and electron back scattered deflection.
Products include: Precision slow speed saws and polishers, dimplers, tripod polishers.
Ion Beam thinners; and etchers for surface modification,
High resolution Ion Beam sputter coaters.

NEW Product: Research Quartz Crystal Microbalance
For measuring deposits from gas, liquids, oils and vacuum. Of interest for many industrial, pharmaceutical biological and medical research applications.