The new OWIS linear precision stages LPT 30 – small, strong, flexible

The miniaturization reaches also the manual positioning systems of OWIS. Now, the manual positioners LPT 30 follow the motorized linear precision stages LPTM 30. The manual precision stages are characterized by their small size with a very high load capacity.


With a width of 30 mm and a working height of 16 mm, the linear precision stages LPT 30 are shallower and narrower than a matchbox, just like the motorized version LPTM 30. Thus, these positioning units are particularly suitable to be used in machines and setups, limited in space. With a load capacity of 100 N, the stages are capable of positioning heavy loads precisely.

The combination of the used components, results in a positioning unit, which fulfils all requirements of quality, efficiency and safety, and which is unique on the market. The applied spindle was developed by using the latest production technologies with a pitch of 0.5 mm for travel ranges up to 150 mm.

The LPT 30 are available with travel ranges of 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. The rotating knob allows to set the positions precisely and exactly. Additionally, the set position can be fixed securely with a clamp.

Like all OWIS products, also the manual linear precision stages LPT 30 are “Made in Germany” and have the accustomed highest OWIS quality.

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