TREK, INC. has decades of expertise in its core competencies:

  • High-voltage power amplification
  • Electrostatic measurement

The company’s high-voltage amplifiers employ unique and proprietary circuitry to produce a closed-loop amplifier system which features exceptional DC stability and excellent wideband performance characteristics for driving capacitive loads. Featuring all-solid-state construction, Trek amplifiers are fully protected against arc-over and operation into short circuits.


Trek’s novel non-contacting electrostatic voltmeter designs circumvent the charge transfer issues associated with traditional contacting designs. The company also offers an ultra-high impedance technology (Infinitron®) to enable surface contact measurements with virtually zero charge transfer.

Trek also offers a line of ESD sensors & monitors for electrostatic discharge applications.

Trek designs and manufactures its products for demanding applications in research and industry. In industry, Trek’s products are incorporated by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to enhance the precision and reliability of high-end capital equipment such as that found in semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic production and electrophotography processes. Trek’s custom OEM design capabilities provide a unique advantage compared to other suppliers in this market.

In R&D, Trek’s products enable research and innovation in dielectrics, electrostatics, materials, piezos and plasmas. Research organizations use Trek products for studies regarding accelerator mass spectrometers, dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), electroactive polymers (EAP), electrocoalescence, electrohydrodynamics (EHD), electroluminescence, electron beam ion traps (EBIT), electron beam ion sources (EBIS), electro-optic modulation, electrophoretic display, electrorheological (ER) materials, electrospinning, electrospraying, electrostatic chucks, electrostatic precipitation, ferroelectric poling, fluidized beds, Johnsen-Rahbek wafer clamping, ion beam steering & deflection, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics, nanotechnology, non-thermal plasma chemistry, partial discharge dielectric tests, piezoelectrics, precision manufacturing, smart materials, space radiation and vibration dampening.

Power Products  

  • High-voltage power amplifiers
  • High-voltage power supplies & reference supplies
  • High-voltage piezo drivers
  • High-voltage E-chuck supplies
  • High-voltage function generators
  • High-voltage transconductance amplifiers

Electrostatic Products

  • Electrostatic voltmeters (contacting, non-contacting, high impedance, Infinitron®)
  • Probes (high resolution, high sensitivity, high temperature, high vacuum, miniature, standard, transparent)
  • Electrostatic sensors, monitors & detectors (benchtop, hand-held, in-line, portable)
  • Charged plate monitors & ion collecting plates (high temperature, standard)
  • Surface resistance meters, surface resistivity meters, volume resistance meters
  • Fieldmeters
  • ESD audit kits & ESD event detectors
  • Ionizers (benchtop, nozzle)


  • High-voltage pulse generator
  • Charge-to-mass ratio test system (Q/m)
  • Electrostatic force microscope


What’s new

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    TREK Video Provides Overview of Company

    News | 10 Dec 2015

    View TREK’s brief corporate video to get perspective on the company’s strengths in the design and manufacture of electrostatic voltmeters and high-voltage power amplifiers. Custom-OEM and standard products are sold to global markets. To view the video please click here or click on the image below.

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    TREK Expands to Consolidate Operations

    News | 7 Dec 2015

    TREK, INC. recently completed the build-out of an additional 16,000 square feet (~1500 square meters) of office and engineering space to accommodate the relocation of its subsidiary, Torrent EMS, into Trek’s headquarters and production facility in Lockport, New York (USA).

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    How to Choose the Correct Capacitive Load Amplifier

    White papers | 26 Oct 2015

    New White Paper from TREK, INC.

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    High-Voltage 40 Watt Amplifier Series

    Products | 18 Sep 2015

    Trek’s 2200 Series delivers high performance with attractive pricing and is ideally suited for many R&D applications.