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Smartline™ - New Pirani (VCP) with platinum rhodium filament for particularly demanding application conditions in a vacuum weblink

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH 29 Jun 2018

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments complements the well-proven Smartline product family with a new Pirani sensor VCP for the measurement of absolute pressure in the range of 1000 to 5 x 10-4 mbar.


Thyracont Smartline™ now also available with Profinet! weblink

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH 29 Jun 2018

As a Pioneer in the field of vacuum metrology, Thyracont Vacuum Instruments extends its wellproven product family Smartline by a further digital interface of cutting-edge technology.

soft x ray spectrometer

SXR monochromator works 3 different ways weblink

McPherson 3 May 2018

Direct detection CCD detectors and open microchannel plate intensifiers fit. Extreme ultraviolet hollow cathode and solid-anode electron impact light sources do too. They are useful for calibration and spectral test applications and set this instrument apart from others.

pic 1 leybold sogevac neo d

Analytica: Leybold presents advanced vacuum technology SOGEVAC NEO D - SCROLLVAC - ECODRY plus - TURBO.CONTROL i weblink

Leybold Vacuum GmbH 27 Mar 2018

Today, innovations for vacuum-based applications in laboratories, analytics and research and development are the drivers for a healthier and safer life.

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UV Fused Silica for Vacuum Windows

Knight Optical (USA) 8 Jan 2018

Knight Optical can offer UV Fused Silica Windows for Vacuum Applications.

Carter Manufacturing are able to deliver vacuum compatible bearings when others can’t handle the pressure weblink

Carter Manufacturing Limited 2 Jan 2018

Carter bearings have specially designed and specified bearings that work superbly in a whole host of high vacuum applications.


XHV gauge head: 3B-Gauge weblink

Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. 2 Oct 2017

 Measurable as low as 10-12Pa(~10-14mbar)


AbsoluteLambda™: precision frequency control for C-WAVE, the CW tunable laser

Cobolt AB 22 Jun 2017

HÜBNER Photonics announces a new feature of ultimate wavelength control, called AbsoluteLambda™, on its award winning C-WAVE CW tunable laser.




Physics World August 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 2 Aug 2018

DIY Physics; Using open-source hardware to equip your lab


Physics World July 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 25 Jul 2018

TIME; The Abiding Mystery


Physics World June 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 12 Jun 2018

The Hunt Is On; Seeking submarines from the air

atomic layer deposition system made from mdc products at asu physics lab 1

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC (Headquarters/Vacuum Products Division) weblink

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC 3 May 2018

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, was founded in 1975 to serve a rapidly expanding vacuum industry and to satisfy the increasing demand for high quality vacuum components with fast delivery and reasonable prices.

pi image

New Catalog Packed with 300 Pages of Information: Industry-Compliant, Motorized, Precision Positioning Systems weblink

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 3 May 2018

PI (Physik Instrumente) has successfully established itself on the market as solution supplier of high-precision positioning systems.


ZAO non-evaporable getter (NEG) pumps for high-vacuum (HV) applications

SAES Getters 26 Apr 2018

A white paper from SAES Group – the world leader in the field of getters and it has pioneered this technology for more than 70 years

pwapr18cover 500

Physics World April 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 20 Apr 2018

Plants Physics; A blossoming field of research


Opportunity for Outstanding Young Scientists to Travel and Work at a Foreign Laboratory

British Vacuum Council 28 Mar 2018

The International M. W. Welch Scholarship Award

Activities report of the IUVSTA Nanometer Structure Division (NSD), to ECM 127

British Vacuum Council 26 Mar 2018

NSD Activities report to ECM 127

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