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XEI Scientific awarded brand new patent!

XEI Scientific Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has been granted US patent #US8716676B2, which describes a new device to load TEM sample holders into a vacuum chamber. The TEM loader was invented by George Safar of the XEI development team.

This device allows the TEM sample stage and holder to be easily inserted into XEI’s desktop Evactron® CombiClean™ plasma cleaner without fear of bumping the end of the holder or specimen when it enters. This innovative feature makes the Evactron CombiClean an easier-to-use system than competitive products.

Speaking about this exciting news, Ronald Vane, president of XEI Scientific, said “this is the third patent issued to XEI since January 2013. We are a small company in a small, niche market, but it is a market where we are the innovation leaders. XEI has another major patent pending and ongoing research into new products. We are committed to providing our customers with more new products in the field of in-situ plasma cleaning of high vacuum systems and plasma cleaning for electron microscopy.”