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Heating Micro-samples In A Capillary

Thermo Riko’s GA198 - 1kW Atmospheric Quartz guided Infrared heater was used to heat up catalyst particles in a 400μm diameter capillary at Diamond Light Source to image their structure during operating conditions.

Direct measurement of the temperature was a challenge since an internal thermocouple would interfere with the X-ray signal, and may also influence the measuring of the catalytic activity.  This was overcome by calibrating the heater-sample distance using a second reference thermocouple in place of the catalyst sample.  Once calibration was confirmed, the sample was loaded and the operating temperature of 800 °C successfully controlled to enable the X-ray measurements.

Diamond ga198 capillary heating

Heating with the GA198 - Quartz Guided Infrared Heater

Diamond ga198 heater action

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