KJLC® Announces the ALL NEW PVD PRO Line PVD 75 system

The Kurt J. Lesker Company® PRO Line PVD 75 is the next generation thin film deposition system. Process engineered with maximum thin film uniformity in mind.  Only KJLC®offers the LAS-150 load lock assembly.

Kurt J. Lesker Company Ltd

The innovative rotary transfer arm eliminates wasted cleanroom space by removing the traditional linear transfer device.  KJLC’s newly designed eKLipse software control package allows user friendly recipe creation along with a reliable, uninterruptable processing module that allows process completion, regardless of the state of the computer user interface. The newly redesigned PVD 75 is the first system to earn the PRO Line designation.  Look for future additions to this line of systems and the all new LAB Line dedicated technique systems within the next few months.  For more information on this intuitive, unique, and reliable system.

Find it at: www.lesker.com/PVD75.

The Kurt J. Lesker Company (KJLC), founded in 1954, is a global manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and systems for the high and ultra‑high vacuum equipment market.  With more than 15 different process controlled thin film deposition systems available, we support varying levels of vacuum coating needs, from compact stand-alone thermal evaporation, sputtering, atomic layer deposition and fully integrated multi cluster tools.  We have the right platform to support your level of research.

For more information contact:  

Tel: 44 1424 458100

Email: Saleseu@lesker.com

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