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MDC Vacuum Products, LLC (Headquarters/Vacuum Products Division)

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, was founded in 1975 to serve a rapidly expanding vacuum industry and to satisfy the increasing demand for high quality vacuum components with fast delivery and reasonable prices.

MDC now consists of three unique product divisions which include MDC Vacuum Products, Insulator Seal Inc. (ISI™), and MDC Gas Delivery Products. Our customer base is as varied as our product offering. Some of MDC’s customers include national laboratories, colleges and universities, original equipment manufacturers, and domestic as well as international commercial accounts. We stock thousands of off-the-shelf vacuum components as well as custom components. Our product line consists of flanges, fittings, valves, roughing hardware, vacuum measurement, sample motion and manipulation instruments, optics/viewports, ultra-high purity gas lines and panels, ceramic-to-metal electrical feedthroughs, system safety components, thin film products (evaporation and sputtering sources, accessories, and materials) vacuum pumps, and vacuum chambers. From the simplest of airtight seals to complex ultra-high vacuum chambers for surface science analysis, MDC’s product line provides a comprehensive solution to the world’s scientific and industrial markets.

Let MDC drive your vacuum, ceramic seal, and gas delivery processes forward!


Insulator Seal Inc. (ISI™), a division of MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, manufactures electrical & optical ceramic-to-metal sealed components for harsh environments. ISI has been the innovation leader in the industry for over 30 years. Evolving from being a high vacuum solutions provider only, ISI now delivers world-class components for harsh environmental connector applications around the globe.

We have eight generic product classes used to create innovative solutions for our markets. They are Viewport, Break, Liquid, RF Power, Thermocouple, Power, Multipin, and Coaxial. Each product has its own defined value in the transmission of energy, light, and fluid between a harsh environment to the ambient system. Regardless of your industry or application, Insulator Seal can provide you with the connector solution you require.

atomic layer deposition system made from mdc products at asu physics lab 1

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