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NEW!!! Catalogue – Mass Spectrometer Analysers for Catalytic and Thermal Reaction Processes

Hiden Analytical release their new catalogue describing the latest range of mass spectrometers and micro-reactor systems designed specifically for gas and vapour analysis in catalytic and thermal reaction and desorption processes.

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Systems feature application-specific operating programs for both automated and manual control of the mass spectrometer and of the thermal process, integrating gas species and temperature data in real time. Inputs provide for integration of additional process-specific parameters, weight change in TGA processes for example.
Featured products include the Hiden CATLAB systems with cartridge-style sample insertion for quantification of catalytic activity through a temperature range to 1000oC. The Hiden TPD Workstation enables high temperature gas desorption studies under true ultra-high vacuum(UHV) conditions, a sample cassette and load-lock ensuring fast throughput for multiple sample analysis. The fast-response quadrupole mass spectrometer used in the TPD system, the Hiden PIC-series analyser with digital ion counting detector, is separately available as a standalone product for integration in the user’s own UHV process system. Other products range from the HPR-20 series dynamic gas analysis systems through to the HPR-60 MBMS system with multi-stage vacuum pumping for direct measurement of reactive ion species in flames and plasma at pressures from sub-atmospheric through to 5 bar.
The catalogue is available to download at http://tinyurl.com/cta-catalogue-166-3. For further information on this or any other Hiden Analytical products contact Hiden Analytical at info@hiden.co.uk or visit the main website at: www.HidenAnalytical.com.

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    Analysis of gaseous species by quadrupole mass spectrometry involves ionisation of the molecular species most typically by the electron bombardment technique, the ionisation process creatingfragmentation ions additionally to the parent ion. Spectral interpretation can then be compromised by spectral interference in some gaseous mixtures.

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    New Hiden Brochure Details MS Vacuum Process Monitors

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    Hiden Analytical release their new brochure featuring the full range of quadrupole mass spectrometers designed specifically for vacuum process monitoring. Systems cover the fullpressure range from UHV (background species, leak detection) through to the millibar regime (process monitoring, control and protection).

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    Diagnostic Tools for Atomic Layer Deposition

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    Hiden Analytical offers a range of mass spectrometer products of special significance to  the process and post-process stages of atomic layer deposition (ALD) and evaluation.

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    Microreactor/MS System for Thermal Process Characterisation

    News | 21 Dec 2017

    The Hiden CATLAB-PCS combined microreactor and mass spectrometer system is purpose designed for the characterisation and evaluation of catalysts, for temperature programmed desorption and reaction testing, and for general thermal studies.

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