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Omni Technologies to attend Vacuum Expo in Coventry

Omni Technologies will attend Vacuum Expo in Coventry this October and will showcase the LatticeGear range of Scribing & Cleaving equipment as well as Optix, the revolutionary Vacuum Gas Analyser from Gencoa.

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VACUUM EXPO brings together all aspects of  vacuum use in industry and research, helping visitors develop strong business relationships, research solutions and examine technologies for manufacturing, for academia and research. The exhibition is held in conjunction with VACUUM SYMPOSIUM 2017, which is now in it’s 8th year and brings together leading scientists, invited speakers and users with practical and extensive knowledge who give presentations, both oral and poster, illustrating techniques and experience in different fields. It is the aim of the conference that attendees gain from their knowledge, ideas and experiences and have ample opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

Fotr your convenience and information the programme for Vacuum Sypmosium is published below.

Also taking place concurrently in the same exhibition hall is PHOTONEX, the UK’s largest showcase event dedicated to photonics and light technologies.

The featured Omni exhibits will the the LatticeAx 420 and the Optix.
LatticeAx 420 is the Ultimate High Accuracy Indent & Cleaving System, delivering cleaving accuracy of 10-μm in <5 min for a wide range of sample sizes and materials including silicon, sapphire and glass. The patent pending LatticeAx base is integrated with a complete vision package that includes a monocular microscope with 4-μm optical resolution, color CCD camera and real-time image acquisition and display software, and an X-Y stage.  This dedicated cleaving workstation is designed so any user can used to survey, align, micro-indent, cleave, and inspect processed samples. 

Optix is a groundbreaking, multi-purpose instrument for gas sensing in any vacuum environment, functioning through a wide range of operating pressures to cater for most semiconductor, production processes and R&D without the need for differential pumping. The Optix spectral information and sophisticated back-end software creates a range of uses for all vacuum users within an easy to use and multi-functional interface: wide range pressure measurement; leak detection; vacuum quality monitoring; process pump-down analysis; condition monitoring and fault detection; process control; end-point detection.


Surface Analysis — Innovations and Solutions for Industry

Thursday 12th

What is on the surface? What is the composition? This meeting addresses all aspects of Surface Analysis with a special focus on challenges currently being addressed and recent improvements in technologies

The meeting will look at methods: XPS, SIMS, AES and other surface analysis equipment and instrumentation. Gas Clustor Ion Sources, are these the ideal source enabling better ways to analyse surface? Does this technology open up new applications?

Thin Film and Coating for Science & Industry

Wednesday 11th

Following a well attended meeting last year and continuing positive feedback, the 2017 event has been re-titled to encompass Fundamental Research through to Applied Coatings.

Deposition methods: PVD, CVD, Laser ablation, ALO, plasma processes etc.
Applications: Electronic, energy, optical, tribological, photocatalysis etc.
Partnering innovations with high tech industry: Development to pre-production, emerging ideas… technologies… applications.

RGA13 [RGA-User-Group]

Thursday 12th

Biennial meeting of the RGA User Group, established in 1996 and up to its 13th event.

Talks will encompass both instrumentation and application and the Call for Papers is now open.

TPW 2017:
Technological Plasma Workshop

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th

A forum for science and technology of plasmas and gas discharges. This event is all about the revitalisation of older techniques, the technical plasmas of “today”, plasma enabled applications, how problems are being overcome and where technical plasmas are going in the future.

Training Courses

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th

This is an opportunity to attend a Vacuum Training Course at very low cost. VTC1 & VTC2 are aimed at newcomers to the field, or anyone wishing to brush-up on their knowledge, whereas VTC3 will address ultra high vacuum in more detail.

A number of other specialist courses are also available and described in more detail here.

The material is presented in an informal/tutorial style with an effort to address participants’ needs. A copy of the Training Slides on a CD a Certificate of Attendance will be provided. The Course Fee is £25 (per course) which will be collected by credit card when you book the course .

Poster Session

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th

Poster sessions will take place on both days of VS8.  Everyone attending this year’s event is invited to present a poster which may be on work related to any of this year’s meeting topics or any aspect of vacuum in general.

This year the Vacuum Symposium Poster Prizes (£100 and certificate on both days) will be sponsored by the IOP Vacuum Group and our Platinum Sponsors.

Posters will be judged on the basis of scientific content, effectiveness of communication and overall appearance 

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