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Outstanding Overpressure Stability: 16 bar for Pirani and Cold Cathode Gauges

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH, the specialist for intelligent vacuum measurement, further completes its portfolio with a customer friendly innovation.

The Pirani and cold cathode transducers are now also available with an excellent overpressure stability of 16 bar.

The overpressure stability of Thyracont sensors can result in considerable cost savings for the user as it renders a protecting overpressure valve unnecessary in many cases.

This innovation is highly relevant, especially for applications in the area of vacuum furnaces or heat treatment processes. Particularly high standards are observed with regard to components in these fields in order to ensure safety within the process. Therefore, the screws in Conflat flange variations create a stable connection which is why they are preferably used in such applications.

As a service for the higher overpressure stability, a corresponding inspection certificate 3.1 inclusive of a test report is offered by Thyracont. It is available for all Pirani and magnetron transducers of the Analogline and Smartline™ series.

Thyracont offers a pure cold cathode (2e-3 – 5e-9 mbar) as well as a combination gauge with Pirani (1000 – 5e-9 mbar) within its digital gauge series Smartline.

Both have a very high bakeout temperature of 160°C at the flange at which only the swtiching off of the power supply is necessary. The removal of the electronics is not required.

Also, the digital and analog Piranis of the German gauge manufacturer are available in diverse variations. Both series offer precise Pirani sensors with tungsten filament (1000 – 1e-4 mbar) or platinum / rhodium filament for aggressive media (1000 – 5e-4 mbar).

The well-proven product benefits of both series naturally remain unchanged. Analogline transducers are ideally suited for applications with tight space conditions. 0-10V or 4-20mA are availabe as analog output signals for this product family. The intelligent vacuum gauges of the Smartline series offer a RS485 interface, either with analog, individually scalable 0-10V output, EtherCAT or profinet interface.

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