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SmartlineTM extended by VSI - a pure cold cathode vacuum transducer

Passau, June 14, 2017

The well-proven Smartline product family of Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH has been complemented by the VSI, a pure cold cathode as inverted magnetron. It measures in the range of 2e-3 mbar down to 5e-9 mbar.
Several operating modes allow for maximum flexibility in the user’s process. In the automatic mode, the cold cathode switches on at a pressure of 2e-3 mbar and off at a pressure of 3e-3 mbar. This comfortable function considerably reduces the configuration expenditure for the user.
Alternatively, it is possible to turn the cold cathode on and off in manual mode by voltage signal or software command. However, if the pressure is too high an automatic safety shutdown ensures a safe operation.
The special design of the ignition aid of the VSI and the sensor design provide for a reliable and fast ignition of the cold cathode. Therefore, an immediate availability of the measuring value in the high vacuum range is guaranteed.

Like all of the Smartline transducers, the VSI has a digital RS485 interface and optionally an analogue 0-10 V output, EtherCAT® or Profinet® (available soon). The output signal can be scaled according to the required output characteristics. Thus, an exchange of existing transducers, independent of the manufacturer and without programming effort, is easily possible.
Furthermore, the transducers are optionally available with an integrated display for comfortable appliance control on-site. The calibrated sensor heads of the VSI can be exchanged by the user in a few simple steps which reduces the maintenance times to a minimum.

The typical fields of application for this transducer are coating, analytics, medical engineering and vacuum furnaces.

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